Here is some feedback from previous clients and brands I have worked with:

Virtual Training Group members

"Mollie is an amazing, positive motivator, just what you need when you are trying to become more active. She is super supportive, and really wants you to succeed. I was part of her virtual training group, and she gave us great ideas for workouts, and checked in to make sure we were all staying focused on our goals. She has found her calling!"

-Sarah B., virtual training group member, Massachusetts, USA

"I am a 32 year old working Mom to a 16 month old and wife. I want it all... but feel it is really tough. I struggle with finding the balance and I usually am last on my own list, never taking time for something I would like to do.

During the last VTG I was going through a tough time in my life and quiet depressed, going to bed at 8:30 often times, eating whatever was easy and not really working out. By the end of the VTG I was exercising regularly and feeling SO much better about myself, my relationships and life in general. I really believe that working out saved me in so many ways. I am doing this because I want to keep going and feeling better and better every day.

I love the positive encouragement and support of the women on VTG."

-Giovanna, virtual training group member, New Hampshire USA

"Mollie and I have known each other a long time. This is important to note because even though I may TRY to get away with slacking on my health commitments, she won't let me get away with anything. We will call it "tough love". She has a perfect blend of encouragement, counseling, and a no-BS allowed attitude that makes her super effective. I also feel the group aspect is really helpful. Everyone is very supportive of each other. I just wish I was closer to her geographically so I could turn the virtual training group into an in-person training group."

-Mike L., virtual training group member, New York, USA

Fitness Instructor/Run Club Leader

"Mollie is an amazing trainer; with a real passion for exercise and enthusiasm in American size portions (congratulatory high fives are obligatory) that just rubs off on you even if you weren’t in the mood when you started.

Mollie lead the running club at Frame and would shepherd us along on our weekly runs. 
Mollie has this amazing knack of knowing when there is a little bit more that you can give even when you didn’t know it was there yourself.  She didn’t let me cheat myself which I would have happily done without her encouragement to just go that little bit further, little bit faster, little bit harder. 
Mollie helped me achieve the goals I set myself in 2012 and now I’m running The 2013 London Marathon!  See, I told you her enthusiasm is catching.  "

-Claire A., member of Frame Shoreditch, London, United Kingdom

"I met Mollie through the Frame gym running group and, despite being by far the oldest (57) and with a bit of weight to lose, was so welcomed and encouraged ... After a few weeks of hearing " do I see walking?!" I was running further and (almost) faster; completing the Royal Parks half marathon and the first London Kilomathon (26.2k) running all the way. No Mollie, you did not see walking! For which I thank you!"

-Carol B., member of Frame Shoreditch, London, United Kingdom

Personal Training

"Training with Mollie leading up to my wedding wasn't just a great way of getting in shape but also a really fun way to start the day twice a week. Mollie planned my workouts around my specific goal of looking hot in my wedding dress, but inadvertently bagged me a hilly half marathon PB, made me stronger and more confident, and kept me entertained with lots of chat and fitness tips throughout! My sweet tooth is now semi-disciplined with snacks of fruit and nuts on long afternoons at my desk, I drink two large bottles of water every day at work, and I feel stronger and fitter than ever. Mollie kept up the motivation outside of our sessions too - sending links to helpful websites, tweeting fitness tips and facebooking wedding suggestions. Mollie's depth of knowledge, energy and enthusiasm come highly recommended - she's made me wish I could get married every three months!"

-Alex S., personal training client, London, United Kingdom

"I had Mollie as both my personal trainer and spin instructor. She is so energetic and positive that she made working out enjoyable. She was very effective and I really saw changes in my body. She listened to my feedback and really tailored the workouts to me. She was also an amazing spin instructor. Her rides were so tough but her fun music and big smile made it so I actually looked forward to class! I have taken spin classes with other instructors and no one is quite as awesome as Mollie! She really cares about those she trains and made such an effort to keep her clients accountable in their workout efforts. She was punctual, professional, effective, creative, and fun."

-Rachel S., member at Parkwood YMCA, E. Lansing, Michigan, USA

"Mollie began her personal training sessions for my friend any myself in the summer of 2010. Both of us were 59 years old at the time and had started out thin in our early lives. However, over the years we had put on weight and had a difficult time losing it because of our sedentary jobs and lack of time and motivation to exercise. Mollie was scheduled to plan exercise activities and training using weights, twice a week. I averaged about once a week training with Mollie. She also encouraged exercise activities outside of our personal training sessions which I did. I have been diagnosed with osteopena, the beginnings of bone loss and had been advised by doctors to increase weight bearing activities. Also, I had the wedding of my youngest daughter in early November, 2010.

Needless to say, I lost a lot of weight, and inches off of my body with the programs that Mollie put together. That and a new hair style, brought TONS of complements by the time of the wedding!!! Mollie made each session interesting and varied the types of exercises. She was also very patient with us and geared the exercises to our age and abilities. In addition she gave us print outs of these routines with our accomplishments (weights used, etc) that we could use at home. And I still have the copies that I can go back to and use today. Most of the weight that I lost is still off, though I admit, I had not kept up the exercises that I should. However, I do some and keep active. If Mollie had not moved to England, I would love to have kept up a maintenance plan with her. I highly recommend her as a personal trainer!"

-Janice H., at home personal training client, E. Lansing, Michigan, USA

"Mollie had been the perfect addition to my fitness regime. After quite a break from exercise, she has understood my needs and helped me achieve my goals in a very short space of time. Her sessions are varied, but considered, and each work-out is tailored to include exercises I can also do at home.

It's sometimes tough, but always enjoyable, so would highly recommend Mollie to anyone looking for a personal trainer."

-Kate B., at home personal training client, London, United Kingdom

"I first met Mollie when I decided to try out a spinning class. From the first day I tried spinning, I fell in love! Mollie was so helpful in teaching me what to do and never made me feel like I couldn’t do something. I have tried other spinning instructors since then but none had the fun, upbeat, and motivational classes that she put on. Because she was so successful in getting me into shape through that class, I decided to start up personal training with her. She did not disappoint! Her training technique was as good as her spinning instruction and she kept up with the positive attitude. She knew when to push me harder and when to focus on my form. She made sure to work all parts of the body so not one was ignored and my strength continued to grow. Working out needs to be challenging but fun enough to keep you going and Mollie definitely knew how to make my time worth every minute."

-Danielle T., member at Parkwood YMCA, E. Lansing, Michigan, USA

"We were in our forties and out of shape when we took on the challenge to do a sprint triathlon within the year. We decided to start our training with a spin class about nine months before the triathlons. Mollie was our first instructor. She made us fall in love with spinning. After she learned about our goal, she became our defacto coach. She swam with us before our spin class and ran with us after; all the while coaching us on techniques and strategies. It has been said that a coach is someone who can get more out of you than you can get out of yourself. Mollie certainly lived up to this definition for us, constantly pushing us to do what she knew we could do, even if we didn’t believe it. We are forever grateful for her guidance and support and would recommend her skills as a personal trainer or coach to anyone."

-Terry and Sue D., members at Parkwood YMCA, E. Lansing, Michigan, USA


"We’ve got to know Mollie well through the world of women’s cycling, and can’t speak highly enough of her. She writes beautifully and engagingly, and everything she does she does with great energy, commitment and charm. To say nothing of her high levels of technical knowledge and the ability to communicate it. Mollie is a fantastic contributor to women’s cycling, and women’s activities more broadly."

-Phil Bingham, MD & Co-Founder, VeloVixen 

"At Workplay Bags we learnt about how knowledgeable and helpful Mollie was when we met her at a major B2C Fitness show in London some 4 years ago. We loved her enthusiasm and knowledge of the fitness market.

What she brought us that was so unique was her transatlantic perspective - as an American In London she really did see the UK market with the perspective of a market that was already more developed than the UK market, so her perspective was really helpful to our developing our narrative of 'super organised bags' for women.

Mollie is technically very knowledgeable about fitness & fitness products, a real “doer" and a great empathiser - she understands the journey of our customers and is demanding in finding products that help her help her customers.

We have now had many years of collaborating with Mollie, and through her her friends who have introduced us to a whole raft of customers and key influencers in womens fitness - she has been unstintingly pro-active and helpful and a good partner to develop programmes that are fun, informative and most importantly - genuine."

-Guy Mathiot, FounderWorkplay Bags

"I have enjoyed working with PT Mollie in promoting my business. Her passion and enthusiasm helps create the right environment. She is professional and genuine, which comes across well to her followers who trust her opinions. ZCAC has been a brilliant idea and grows each year. She has helped bring my product to the attention of the right audience. Many Thanks Mollie."

-Alison Brodie, Director, Brodie Skin care Ltd