This website started as a blog for me to showcase my knowledge as a personal trainer.  I am very proud of what it has become- a reference for those looking to improve their health and happiness.  By sharing stories of  my own training and experiences, as well as sharing information about workouts and new products on the market, my goal is to encourage my readers to try new things outside their comfort zone for personal growth.

My latest blog series on 'Active Travel' highlights alternative ways to explore new places.  Holidays shouldn't just be about sleeping and drinking, but about balancing everything the destination has to offer- from the outdoors, to entertainment, to local culture, to local activities/sports.  Travelling is another occasion where going beyond your comfort zone will offer you an unforgettable story to tell.

Through this website, I have also become a member of the Fitness Writers Association, UK Fitness Bloggers, and am available to provide high quality content for magazine articles, websites/blogs, newsletters, books, and television reports in regards to health, wellness, fitness, biological peer-reviewed literature, and goal setting.

My recently, I published my first book, "52 Weekend Challenges: Cultivating Health and Happiness" which is available to purchase on your local Amazon website.

If you are interested in discussing further, please email me (mollie@ptmollie.com).  

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