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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

At the end of July, I knew I needed to start running again.  Injuries and persistent pain have made me a bit scared about running.  My trip to Malawi, which includes three 20km trails runs, means I need to be fit and healthy.  In order to get over my fear and slowly build up my fitness again, I decided to do a run streak in August.  My commitment was to run only one mile a day but I could run more if I felt like it.  The goal was to keep it low pressure and use it as a way to explore all the places I was visiting in early August.

Photo by Kate of Cakes V Scales
After sharing my plans and progress on social media, I am happy to report that several people joined me on #augustrunstreak.  Being on holiday made it really easy to fit the runs into my schedule and also go a little bit further if the mood struck me.  Returning to London and a full work week in the middle of a heatwave has made it hard to get out for much more than one mile to five kilometers a day.  I was trying not to be competitive but in the last few days of the streak, I am worried that I haven't got any faster.  But I need to remember that my original intention was never to get faster but just to enjoy running again.  

And I think I do.  There is still a bit of pain when I run but a referral for further diagnostics should give me some clues.  Mentally, I am ready to start really putting work into my Malawi preparation- both in terms of running and physical strength.  Fifty three plus miles as of yesterday for the month is a not a bad place to start (see the Instagram post below for the final updates). 

Photo by Katie by Cakes V Scales
A few people were asking me if I would keep my streak going once August was over.  I feel like that would put more pressure on me that what I had originally planned when I started.  Instead, I am going to start a #septemberplankstreak.  Every day in September, I am going to hold a plank for as long as I can.  Maybe I will record the times, maybe not.  Core strength is very important for running.  And something I always slack on.

Care to join me for a September streak?  Let me know in the comments below if you want to run, plank, or streak another way.  If you prefer a variety, check out the Strava Escape Plan.  All 32 of their sports count towards a five days per week challenge throughout September.

Do you have what it takes?  Commit to 30 seconds a day or one hour a day.  It is up to you and what you enjoy.  See you at the finish!

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Although I enjoyed @thelondontri it didn't lift me out of my training funk. I think after being off injured for so long, I am scared to start running again. However, I need to start up again so that I am prepared for my trip to Malawi in October. How am I going to overcome my fear? . . By having a run streak! . . Every day in August, I am going to run 1 mile. This should only take about 15 minutes including changing clothes. I won't need water or a phone. It can be done on my lunch break or when I get up in the morning. There is no time pressure and the distance is achievable. Half of the month I will be on holiday, so it is a great opportunity to explore new places. Plus, I hope my nephews will join me for one or two of the days. If I feel good after my mile, I can run a little more but there is no obligation. . . I think this is the trick I need to retrain my mindset about running. It needs to be fun again. I need to believe I can do it. Will you be joining me in August? . . . . Day 1- 1.0 miles road Day 2- 1.07 miles treadmill Day 3- 1.15 miles road Day 4- 2.0 miles road Day 5- 2.0 miles road with dog Day 6- 2.0 road miles with friend and dog, pit stop then 1.1 miles Day 7- 2.94 total miles on the road and 6 reps of the Rocky Steps Day 8- 1.1 road miles Day 9- 3.6 + 1 road miles Day 10- 3.77 miles road and track session Day 11- 3.18 miles road Day 12- 1 mile road Day 13- 4 miles road Day 14- 2 miles road Day 15- 3.3 miles road Day 16- 1.2 miles slightly hungover Day 17- 1.2 miles very jet lagged Day 18- 6.1 miles road. Still jet lagged because I thought it was 10k! Day 19- 1 mile treadmill Day 20- 3.1 miles road Day 21- 1 mile treadmill Day 22- 2 + 2 miles road with backpack Day 23- 1 mile treadmill Day 24- 1.5 miles road with backpack Day 25- 1 mile road Day 26- 3.1 miles road Day 27- 3.1 miles road . . 📸 By @cakevsscales
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