MLB London Series 2019

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Spending four years in Boston, MA for university, I rapidly became a Red Sox fan.  My campus and the dance clubs we went to were within walking distance of Fenway Park.  My junior and senior year, I could hear fans cheering from my dorm room when my windows were open.  I was lucky enough to attend a view games when I lived in Boston, and then in Detroit and Toronto.

I would rather play any sport than watch it, but attending a baseball game is an American pastime.  There is a social aspect too, of course, and lots of eating.  These are the points I enjoy more than waiting for some action on the field.  As a kid, I played softball for many years and then played again in grad school.  Unlike rugby, cricket, or tennis, I know the rules and understand the strategy.  Therefore, I can shout things that make sense and are relevant such as "two out- run on anything!"

This year was the first time baseball teams from the US came to play in London.  The MLB London Series took place last weekend at the London Stadium in Stratford.  As soon as I heard the teams were the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees, I knew I had to be there.  The Red Sox and Yankees have one of the oldest rivalries in baseball.  Living in New England and having many friends from there too, there is often a divide in the group as to which team they support.

Getting tickets for a Red Sox/Yankees game in the US is nearly impossible so I wasn't sure I would have success here in London.  I had four people trying to tickets for me and luckily I did!

James came to the game with me (wearing his Detroit Tigers gear).  I had scoped out the stadium and gift shop the day before.  Unfortunately, I wasn't keen on the section of womens' clothes available.  I ended up with a magnet and koozie.  At the game, I enjoyed Pimm's then Jack Daniels and two feet of nachos.

There was an area to try your baseball skills out called Playball Park.  You could hit balls in the batting cages or try virtual reality batting.  There were also speed cams to see how fast you could pitch and a pit to make a diving catch.  For people who have never played baseball, it was such a great way to let them experience the game.

The day didn't end on a happy note because the Red Sox ended up loosing to the Yankees.  Both of the London Series games were higher scoring than a usual game.  Hopefully, it made the game more exciting for new baseball fans.  The London Series is back in 2020 with the Cubs and Cardinals.  James is just going to have to wait a bit longer for the Tigers to come for a visit.

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