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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Over the last 2 years, I have been working with a nutritionist on and off to help me loose a bit of weight and ensure I was fueling my body properly for all of the training I was doing (remember my 4x4 challenge?).  However, since I took my foot off of the gas at the end of last year due to injury, it was hard to stick to my plan without a race in the diary.  Her plans were based on the amount of calories consumed per day and associated macros.  At the start of this year, I wasn't hitting either target.  I knew I had to make a change.  I just didn't have the motivation or willpower to get myself on track.

Meet Melissa, the delicious nutritionist.  She has a First Class degree from Newcastle in Food and Human Nutrition, endorsed by the Association for  Nutrition.  I found her on social media when she was offering her services to bloggers in exchange for a testimonial and review on their website.  I volunteered to be a guinea pig and be assured, I will tell you about my experience honestly.

Start of my acai bowl (but I didn't have any acai powder)
We started off working together with some paperwork so she understood my lifestyle, food habits, and dietary preferences.  We then chatted on the phone for about 20 minutes about my goals and what I was looking for.  The following day, I had two weeks of meal plans in my inbox.

My meal plan and list of expiry dates for the fruit and veg (thanks James)
While we were chatting, I asked Melissa the difference between being a registered dietitian and registered associate nutritionist. She said nutritionists help healthy people while dietitians help the sick.  What attracted me to her program (of which I have been gifted one month) is that she designs a weekly meal plan, complete with recipes and shopping list.  I didn't have to think about anything or make any decisions.

Salad with nectarines and lentils
Week 1 started on our way back from Cornwall.  My initial shop was at Asda one evening with James, much to his disappointment.  We usually have our groceries delivered, so while we were driving back home I added the things I thought I would need (and be able to eat).  The shopping list was very detailed with the amount of each items needed.  However, I was a bit nervous about all of the perishable goods.  Would we be able to eat them before they go off?

Full fridge, please ignore all the plastic

The things I like about working with Melissa:

  • No thinking required- the meal plan takes all of the guess work and decision making away.  We have been a in a bit of a food rut so it has been nice to try new things that end up tasting good. 
  • Meals are fast to prep- during our phone consultation, I explained to Melissa that we are time poor (or just want to spend our time doing other things) so she made sure to choose recipes that are quick and easy.
  • Fruit and veg are back-  these were definitely lacking but are now key components of each and every meal.  It is too early to tell for sure but I think I feel a bit more energized too.  This is something I will be monitoring closely as I continue to work with Melissa.
  • Drinking lots more water-  Although this isn't a part of her plan, I am reaching for water more often than not.  The warmer weather may have something to do with it too, or the fact that I am slowly increasing my activity levels.  Whatever the reason, I am glad to be hydrating the proper way.

Of course, I am still facing challenges:
  • Using all perishable goods before they rot-  Minor fail on this one.  While a portion of what we ordered we used in the provided recipes, we were able to use ingredients in other ways, such as for dipping in hummus, adding to yogurt for breakfast, and grilling on the BBQ.
  • I am still snacking and stress eating-  This will take time to change my bad habits.  I have many triggers that cause me to reach for cookies, cookie dough, and chocolate.  Some of these I can control by not having poor snack choices on-hand.  My plan recommends Brasil nuts as a snack so these are now in my lunch bag.
  • Finding time to stick to the plan- Ironic?  I thought so.  We have been travelling and now I am on a course for work.  Hopefully I can start Week 2 properly next week (after I return from another trip to Cornwall).
As I already have my Week 2 shopping list and plan, I wil start this next week when I am back from a surf and yoga weekend.  This week, I will continue to refer to Week 1 meal and snack suggestions, wrapping my brain around healthy choices rather than my old bad habits.  Have you ever worked with a nutritionist or followed meal plan?  If so, let me know if you have any suggestions on things I should be trying.  Or tell me your favorite easy meal to prepare.

Goat cheese and tomato scramble with avocado and prosciutto
Thanks to Melissa, the Delicious Nutritionist, for the complementary one month program.  All opinions are honest and my own.

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