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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Wow!  Part of my recent feeling low was not having any trips to look forward to.  I love to travel (maybe due to the escapism of real life?) but in the last few weeks a plethora trips have firmed up making 2019 look pretty darn adventurous.

Hoping this is actually a photo of Cornwall
Our first trip is to Cornwall on southwestern coast of the England.  We are going to a wedding for the Bank Holiday weekend.  I have never been to that part of the UK and I miss being near the ocean.  Plus I am looking forward to exploring a new bit of Britain.  It seems like in the last eight years, I have been limited in the places I have visited in England because Europe and Africa are also close. This year, I hope to visit a few new corners, far and wide.  Back to Cornwall though!  All of my fingers and toes are crossed for sunshine while we are beach side.  Aside from the wedding, we have booked on to a sea life cruise to see grey seals and puffins in the wild, a SUP session (will the water be chilly?) and James is packing his bike.  I decided I can ride my bike in London anytime but I can’t sit by the sea.

A few weekends later, I find myself back in Cornwall.  Freewave Surf Academy has kindly invited me down for a weekend of surfing and yoga (#gifted).  It will be my first attempt at surfing and I am not feeling confident as I can't do a burpee or squat thrust.  I should probably start some sort of burpee challenge between now and then to ensure I succeed.  Anyone care to join me?

Marshes in the tidal zone at Love Trails 2018
In July, I am headed back to the Gower Peninsula for Love Trails Festival (and James is coming along too!).  Last year, I had the best time (the weather definitely helped) and I can't wait to do it all over again.  Once again, I am volunteering to lead a few runs.  The organizers have also marked trails to the Blue Lagoon so people can go on their own and also arranged a free shuttle bus around the peninsula to help people explore.

Somewhere between now and November, I will be joining No Boundaries (NB) for a three-day hiking tour in Italy.  A few friends and I have bought our trip credits and are waiting to hear on the possible dates.  Back in February, I went on a three-day ski trip with NB (which I still need to write up) and had a blast.  It was lovely being away with people with common interests (skiing, being in nature, and of course, wine).  Hiking will be a bit of change (aside from Kilimanjaro) in terms of an active holiday.  I have no idea how rigours it will be but I think being outdoors with my friends will make it unforgettable.

My day job is sending me a week-long training course in Maine, USA in August.  To take advantage of being stateside, James and I are spending a few days in Boston and Philly before I head to Maine.  I went to university in Boston and can’t wait to take my nephews to the New England Aquarium (where I worked part-time during uni) and dine with old friends (as in I have known them for a long time, not that they are old LOL).

View of Edinburgh beach
My mom arrives for her annual visit in September, along with her friend, Donna.  They have visited us twice now.  Each time we explore somewhere new.  Their first trip we went to Bath and the next one we did an Irish roadtrip.  This year, we are spending a few days in Edinburgh for a change of scene.  I see castle tours and whiskey tasting in our future!  If it isn’t too far, I would also like to visit Loch Ness and St. Andrews, but I need to consult with the geographer before booking anything.

Hiking on mountain tops
My big adventure for 2019 is the Orbis Challenge in October.  2018 spoiled me bit between Kilimanjaro and Jordan.  My lack of mojo at the start of this year was partly due to lacking a sense of adventure.  Just like Kilimanjaro, I saw a tweet that sparked my interest and I was quickly connected to the team.  Slowly, I am being introduced to the team and helping sort out brand sponsorship.  This is an amazing opportunity to train/travel with Dame Kelly Holmes and interact with local people in Malawi, while learning about their plight with malnutrition.  There are three spaces left if you want to join me.  We are also gathering sports kit for the local school and monetary donations for feeding the local children. (I totally get that I fund raise a lot.  What can I say?  I like helping people!)

Finally, we are dreaming of powder ski days in Colorado for Christmas.  A few ducks need to be put into a row so stay tuned for this one.  Let it snow!

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