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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

From when I was young until 2014 when I did my first Whole30.  I was a vegetarian/pescatarian.  The only meat I ate was tinned tuna.  This slowly faded out after I ride a TIME article explaining how the fish was going to be extinct within the next 50 years. The no-meat-thing stemmed from me being a picky eater rather that a righteous drive.  I was opposed to swordfish for over-fishing reasons and veal for animal welfare perspective, but seemed to be in the minority for both.
Typical Whole30 breakfast
When I started eating meat three times a day, it was a big change. I had no idea how to cook it or how to season it.  My husband has been flexitarian since we lived in USA so it caused a few problems at meal time when we wanted different things.  Although I no longer follow the Whole30, I work with a nutritionist, Shannon  who has me eating 100+g protein/day.  As much as I love protein shakes and bars, they tend to be expensive when you have multiple servings a day and seem to be full of chemicals and/or sugar.  They are handy to satisfy my sweet tooth though because of this.
Sweet tooth, say what?
My husband and I still disagree about how much meat I eat and what kind.  Normally I have chicken for lunch, which I season and grill.  However, this gets old quickly.  I will mix it up with sustainable wild salmon, Heck sausages, and the occasional ground beef or lamb.  If we eat out, I will usually get a cheeseburger (with bacon, avocado, and sweet potato fries if possible).  In a recent article, the environmental impact of eating meat is highlighted.  There are movements for Meat Free Monday and generally eating less meat.  I no longer have meat at every meal, but I do need to hit my protein targets.

The one source of protein we agree on is chocolate milk (one of the many reasons I think we knew we were suited for each other).

When I saw a tweet offering a new protein-packed chocolate for review I immediately responded for the following reasons:
  • I love chocolate
  • I need more protein
  • I like to support female entrepreneurs and small businesses
If you went to the London Marathon expo, you may have met Carole Armitage, the person behind 80 Noir Ultra.  She started 80 Noir Ultra because she has used chocolate a a way to fuel when growing up and when playing badminton for England.  She uses a specific 79.3% dark chocolate blend that she created with a Parisian chocolatier and it is been tested and endorsed by a registered nutritionist. The current available flavors are the baseline 80 Noir Ultra (7.7g protein/100g), Funky Monkey (8.6g protein/100g), Booster Bars (8.8g protein/100g), and Apple Pie (9g protein/100g).

I treated myself to a hot chocolate after being timekeeper at parkrun not too long ago and it was delicious.  I added two scoops of the pistols to 160ml of slowly microwaved semi-skimmed milk and stirred for a while to get it to melt (I don't think the milk was hot enough and I was being too lazy to heat properly on the stove top).  I have also tried Apple Pie and Funky Monkey.  My usual preference is for dark chocolate and they were all yummy.  On average, 100g of dark chocolate offers 4.9 grams protein but, as shared above, 80 Noir Ultra offers more.  When you add this to milk (3.6g protein per 100ml), it is a pretty powerful punch.

Simply put, I loved each and every sample I was given of 80 Ultra Noir.  I haven't been able to use it for a proper recovery drink as I have been injured for eight weeks but I will be happy to give it a go as soon as possible.

So it looks like, I need to be supplementing my protein intake with hot chocolate, dark chocolate, and chocolate milk instead of mass produced farm animals.  That is one diet I can get on board with!

Thanks to Carole Armitage for the complimentary samples. All opinions are honest and my own.

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