2019 goals... better late than never

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Holy cow how as it already the middle of January?  This month has flown by primarily due to my book release.  With the help of a great PR, I have been spending my time outside work taking part in interviews (like the one on Thoughts and Pavement blog), writing articles about health and happiness (see Net Doctor for the scoop), and sending tips to various other publications (will share links as I get them).  I have been loving nearly every minute of promoting my book, but found that to balance it all, I had to cut back on sleep.  This was a bad choice because I have been hungry all the time, breaking out in spots, and generally grumpy.  I am back to normal life after a lighter workload over Christmas.  In order to help me focus my attention and balance all of my interests, I have come up with a few goals for 2019.

Most of my goals this year are around building my blog and personal training business. I am at a good place with my day job and happy with how I am progressing in terms of strength (as long as I don't get any more injuries).  Tonight I make a return to #tracktuesday with Advent Running and I cannot wait.  Last year, from January until August or so, I went to track every week religiously, which helped me bag a sub 25 minute 5K at the Lilac Festival in my home town (100th place with a gun time of 24.54, net time 24:48. Boom).  I look forward to seeing similar progress this year.

For personal goals I have:

  • 4 hour marathon by end of 2019 (with in Tokyo 2020 and Boston 2121)-  I might need to shift focus more to this goal and not blogging in June if I don't see a massive improvement in either area.
  • New half marathon PB- I have a half in February, March, April, and May.  I can't wait to see how I perform since I have been following my Function360 strength training plan since November.
  • Declutter- This will always be an ongoing thing for me.  My husband has developed a few new organizational systems for me in our flat as he doesn't like an untidy mess (I swear I know where everything is!).  We are going to have an extra cupboard put in for my adventure stuff and have added in a few more storage baskets in various places to hide my stuff away.  I am also working on a better paper filing system because I love bits of paper!

For my business, I want to:

  • Finish nutrition course by 1 June 2019- I am over halfway done.  Everyone at Future Fit Training are really supportive and check in with me once a month to see how I am doing. So far, I have finished Behaviour Change Coaching and Nutrition and Weight Management modules.  I still need to submit my case study and complete Childhood Nutrition & Obesity Prevention, Nutrition for Sport and Exercise, and Pre and Postnatal Nutrition.  These are shorter than the ones I have completed.  I just need to set aside time and get it done.
  • Gain competence in video editing-  A guy at work has been very helpful teaching me how to do a few things.  There will definitely be a learning curve with this one but I am excited to learn something new.
  • Blogging SMART goals- 
    • Monthly new blog series post.  Stay tuned!
    • Schedule 4 social media shares per new blog post
    • From July, learn how to use Pinterest effectively
    • Tidy fitness writing page by 1 March
    • Go on Pinterest once a month for 30 minutes
    • Create one workout video a month for YouTube
    • Check broken links once a month for 2 hours
And in both areas, I need to learn to say no and value my time.

I don't talk much about behind the scenes of blogging as I would rather inform you about health and fitness topics.  If this interests you, or there is another topic you would like me to cover here on the blog (such as writing an e-book), please let me know in the comments below.  I want to make sure you are getting as much as you can to develop your personal health and happiness by visiting this site.

What goals go you have for 2019?  Let me know in the comments below or use the search box to the right to see if there are any posts that can help you achieve your dreams.

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