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Monday, December 17, 2018

I am so excited I found some time to share with you some of my favorite kit from this year.  A few pieces (marked with *) I was gifted to try out, while others I discovered on my own.  This year, the items selected fall into travel, active, and/or eco-friendly categories.  Hope you discover a few new things to put under your Christmas tree.

Hydroflask True Pint* - This item falls into the eco-friendly category.  The True Pint holds beer, coffee and even soup.  Fantastic vacuum insulation means your drink stays the temp it needs to and so do you hands.  Great for camping and festivals.

Venus Gillette Precision Bikini Trimmer*-This small battery-operated electric razor keeps your bikini line tidy from all angles. It includes a 5mm plastic comb to ensure uniform hair length too.  I think it would work on trimming hair on the back of your neck too but my husband won't let me try it out on him.  The perfect size for your travel bag.

B-twin hydration bladder cleaner*- Lots of runners and cyclists have water bladders but don't take the time to clean them properly after use.  This is a great gift because it isn't something the athlete in your life would buy for themselves, but they will definitely use it.

Salomon Agile 6*- A great little backpack to hold a lightweight jacket, book, sunscreen, and whatever else you will need for a day exploring a new city. It includes two 500ml soft flasks in case you decide to run instead of walk. This bag's capacity is only seven liters so your kids can use it too.

SKINS Compression calf tights*- Wear these calf tights on the plane or under your trousers if your legs ache from too much walking on your holiday.  You can also wear them when out on a run or for recovery.  I wore mine during my five day desert ultra back in October.  There is a large range of colors available.

Rite in the Rain notebook -This is a travel essential for keeping track of what happens each day you are away from home.  It doesn't matter if it gets wet, which makes it all the better for outdoor adventures.  I brought one with me when I climbed Kilimanjaro and to Jordan because I knew there wouldn't be electricity or wifi.  I had to go old school with a pen and paper.  My preferred nnotebook style is A5 with a spiral spine but there are many to choose from.

Smith Overtake bike helmet*- With their MIPS system and Koroyd(R) honeycomb insulation, this will protect your brain during a collision, which is the point of a helmet (think about how much money and time you have invested in your brain!).  There is still maximum ventilation and excellent aerodynamics in the design.  Nothing is compromised.

Wonderbag slow cooker*- This portable slow cooker was developed to help women in developing countries cook without tending a fire.  It saves them time as not as much fire wood needs to be collected.  It is also better for their health because they are not inhaling smoke while tending a fire.  I think it is perfect for camping, tailgating, and hosting dinner parties as it retains heat for up to 8 hours.  Full review will be up later this week.

Bamboo straws from Bare Vida - Plastic straws are a hot topic right now, so why not start carrying your own reusable straw?  I have one made from bamboo and another from stainless steel.  I keep one in my lunch box and one in my purse so I am always prepared for my next beverage.

Sarah Marie Design Studio sweatshirt - At the start of 2018, I really embraced Track Tuesdays with Advent Running.  I felt stronger and faster.  Therefore, the 'Well Rounded' sweatshirt is perfect for me (as is the Kinda wanna run... holiday one).  Size small please :)
Margaret Dabbs foot cleansing wipes and foot hygiene creme*- I was sent some lovely foot wipes and lotions to help my feet prepare and recover from my desert ultra.  These are a nice treat for those who spend a lot of time on their feet but aren't necessarily into pedicures.  The wipes are perfect for travelling to climates where you will want to wear sandals or flip flops too.

On Cloud lightweight running hat- A lightweight and ventilated cap to help keep your head cool and dry in sunshine or in the rain.  The perfect stocking stuffer for just about anyone.

Icebreaker merino wool base layers-  As my regular readers know, I live in merino socks year-round and have a heavy rotation of tops for the winter.  Both the 150 Zone long sleeve crewe top  and BODYFITZONE (TM)150 Zone leggings are designed to help you regulate your body temperature so you are not too hot or too cold no matter what you are doing.  Icebreaker garments are also biodegradable when buried in a landfill, making them a eco-friendly gift choice.

Black Diamond Creek 22L rucksack A super stylish way to carry everything you need for work and the gym while day commuting.  It has a waterproof shell and holds a 15" laptop.  Lots of internal organization options too so you can easily find what you need.

Stolen Goat gym towel with sharks on it.  I found this over on VeloVixen and love it!  Santa Jaws, anyone?
Leki Hot Shots ski poles- How crazy is this?  These ski poles hold your favourite drink inside the pole, up to 200ml.  They even have their own funnel to help you pour.  Please remember to drink responsibly when participating in sport.

What is on your Christmas list this year?  Let me know in the comments below and I will put in a good word for you with Santa.

Thanks to Hydroflask, Venus, Decathlon, Salomon, Skins Compression, Smith, Wonderbag, and Margaret Dabbs for gifting me the items above.  All opinions are honest and my own.  This post also includes affiliate links, which costs the buyer nothing but helps run this website.

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