My 4x4 Challenge is complete!

Friday, November 9, 2018

I am experiencing a wave of relief as I type this.  I knew that the 4x4 challenge would be tough on me physically, mentally and emotionally.  There was so much packing, logistics, planning and physical effort involved to get it done.  My house is a mess with bags half unpacked and new kit without a place to go. My usual habit is over-committing, so I am really looking forward to having no races booked in until February 2019.  My first first priority now that I am done is sorting out my house (which will also keep my husband happy) and then focus on strength training.  That Boston Qualifier isn't going to come without some more hard work.

Here is a very brief recap of the races:

Marathon du Medoc, near Bordeaux France
Unofficial time:  6:21:31 (Link to my strava stats here)
Read my race review here

Ragnar Relay, along British coast
4 legs totaling 26.5 miles in less than 40 hours
Race review forthcoming

Photo by Ben Tufnell

Wadi Rum Ultra
, Jordan
257 km over 5 days.  Hardest thing I have ever done
Race review forthcoming

NYC Marathon, USA
Official time: 4:49:15 due to 5 bathroom stops and sore legs from mile 20. Also my 4th World Marathon Major.
Race review forthcoming

Hogwarts Running Club Platform 9 3/4 run, benefiting Rods Racing 
Bonus virtual race because I have a t-shirt that says "Run like You Know Who is chasing you".

Coming soon are a million blog posts about the races, the kit, and preparation.  If there is anything in particular you want to know about, leave a comment below and I will do my best to answer it.

Big thanks to Simplyhealth for supporting my 4x4 Challenge.  Learn more about their new Active Plan by clicking here.

And don't forget that through the month of December, I have an inspirational advent post every day through Christmas.  Be sure to bookmark so you see each and every one.

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