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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

As I hinted on social media, I have a big announcement to make this week.  I am thrilled to say Simplyhealth is sponsoring my 4x4 challenge for the next five months.  Be on the lookout for some great posts and vlogs about my upcoming races and the preparation that goes along with it. My challenge offically started over weekend with a wine tasting/fancy dress marathon near Bordeaux, France. I left London Friday morning on a crisp morning but the weather was lush on race day. Some of my team were wearing proper costumes during the run whereas I had a t-shirt with tulle sewn all over it (see my Instagram for some pictures of the day).  Thankfully, no one suffered from heat exhaustion as we made our way around 20 wineries in the sunny French countryside.  We were able to sip wine along the way to stay cool and eat local cuisine to refuel.  It is a pretty famous marathon and I am had an amazing time running with my Advent Running friends.

Included in my sponsorship with Simplyhealth is a year-long membership to their new Active Plan.  If you are physically active like me, you might put off seeking treatment or professional advice due to the expense.  Simplyhealth wants you to stay healthy and the Active Plan can reimburse for: sports massages, osteopath treatment, prescriptions, dental cleaning, trips to the optician and more.  There are four levels of cover to select from, helping you to choose a rate that’s affordable to you. I know I will be taking full advantage.  Having a big birthday coming up in February (eek) made me realize I need to start sorting out my health, like how I sometimes have blurry vision and how I need to see a dental hygienist on a regular basis.

Over the next five months, I will be sharing my story through each of the challenges along with my experience using the Active Plan to help me keep my body in tiptop shape.  Luckily, the plan can also be used internationally if need be (touch wood).  If something happens before or after a race abroad, I don't have to worry about waiting until I come home to the UK to seek treatment. Some of my posts will also be shared by Simplyhealth meaning you can also track my running and health adventures through them as well.

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Big thanks to Simplyhealth for believing in me and my lifestyle choice to remain healthy and active.  I really appreciate their support.

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