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Monday, July 30, 2018

Welsh coast from above
This year I have been so lucky to spend time outdoors on various adventures.  Packing for these sorts of trips can be difficult as you don't want to pack too much but you also want to have the kit that you need.  When Keen contacted me about their new Terradora Ethos hiking trainers, I was super excited to try them out.  As you may have read previously, I am very familiar with the US brand Keen.  I have had a pair of their Newport sandals (or something similar) for years and wore them a lot in Thailand (every beach trip and even when snorkeling to protect my feet from sharp shells).  The only thing about them is that they are very bulky and make my feet look very large compared to my dainty ankles. 

Keen Terradora Ethos
The Ethos are designed to be a versatile shoe you can wear on the trail but also through water.  They are very light with a sleek design and I love the purple colour.  I wore them on a few dog walks on Wanstead Flats before taking them to Love Trails Festival.  They were instantly comfortable to walk in at camp.  The cut outs on the side allow for a cool breeze but unfortunately the occasional pebble.  The secure-fit laces make it quick to put them on or take off as I popped into my tent.

The water crossing
At Love Trails, I took them out for a 10k trail run and didn't experience any Achilles pain.  Whenever I switch shoes, I usually experience some discomfort. I think it may be due to a change in the height of the heel but haven't tried to confirm that yet but looking at the shoe stats.  Also, we had a high water crossing on the route.  When everyone else was faffing taking off their shoes and socks, I smugly went straight in and out on the other side.  Running in the wet Ethos didn't pose a problem at all.  In fact, it was really nice to have the cool water on my feet while the temperature approached 30 degrees.

I also took my Ethos on another camping trip to Wales the following weekend.  This time, we stayed at a proper campsite with indoor showers.  I wore my Ethos in the shower and around camp to give my feet a rest from my heavy trail shoes. Even though they were wet in my bag for the long drive home, they didn't stink when I unpacked them late that night.

With the flattering slim design of the Ethos, I think they will be replacing my old Keen sandals on upcoming trips. The are a little more "dressy" if I paired them with jeans while travelling and won't take up as much room in my suitcase. I can also wear them over multiple types of terrain, apart from snow!  I found out they are also very durable as our local fox chewed mine overnight  while they dried in my garden.  No more drying outside!  Lesson learned.

Do you have shoes that are versatile for adventures and travelling?

Thanks to Keen for the complimentary pair of shoes.  All opinions (and urban foxes) are honest and my own.

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