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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Because I have a few months until I need to start marathon training (you can read about my next big races here), the awesome team at Function360 have set me out a new training plan. I am now working with one of their physiotherapist, Ben, who is helping my get my body symmetrical in terms of strength and posture.  Due to my upcoming trip to Thailand and the centre's availability, I will meet him again in four weeks.  I really want to commit to performing this program two to three times a week because it is time that I 1) actually cross/strength train and 2) get more than a 1 minute PB in New York.  My exercise bands and sliders are already packed in my suitcase.  I just need to tell my husband that being on vacation means I can spend time doing what I enjoy.  And that is exercising.

My program from Function360 has a warm up section, followed by strength, power and core work.  Over the weekend, I went in and had a baseline assessment so Ben knew where I was starting from.  We followed this by reviewing what the exercises were in my new program and how to do them properly.  He was really enthusiastic and willing to roll around on the floor to show me how to position my body properly.  His background is in postural rehabilitation but he is keen to learn more about training runners.  I am more than happy to help!

Ben demonstrating my hip homework
He observed that my right hip is slightly higher than my left, even though my legs are the same leg (apparently legs being the same length is a good thing).  My core needs some work, as well as my adductor and abductors.  Whenever a trainer says 'engage your core,' my belly just seems to want to stick farther out.  It has always been a struggle for me.  In every marathon I have run, my hips tend to go about mile 20, so I like the idea of strengthening the muscles that keep that in place.  My pelvic floor should benefit too, which is awesome news (I bought an Elvie last year but have yet to use it.  You can get £15 off by emailing me for the special code  Video on how to use coming soon!).  All of this focus on getting stronger will ultimately help me when I start running again in the summer.  My form will improve, getting my hamstrings and glutes to lift up my heels.  Better biomechanics will hopefully translate into improved speed.

Sticking to my training regime will take me closer to my BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) of Boston Marathon 2019.  I am.starting to accept 2019 might still be out of my reach. My 20 year university reunion will be in 2021 so that timeframe also works.  (Go BU!).  The thought of marathon training for another three years is daunting but I can always focus more on strength and track Tuesdays for alternating mesocycles.

One of my exercises- elevated side plank. Kids- don't try this at home.
I am feeling positive about this plan and look forward to having time over the next two weeks to get into a routine.  I plan on working on my 5k pace while I am away too to keep my family name in top finishers at the Lilac Run at home (well my sister-in-law and step-mom have my maiden name anyways).  Any tips for keeping entertained on a dreadmill for 30 minutes while at aerobic threshold?  If so, please let me know.  I need all the help I can get.

If you are looking to improve your running technique or have any injuries you are trying to overcome, give the team at Function360 a call.  They offer physiotherapy, corrective exercise, dry needling, massage, and more.  You can get 15% off their services with my code #F360MM15.

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