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Monday, March 19, 2018

A little over one week since returning from Tanzania and things are feeling normal again.  My stiff walk, similar to a post-marathon gait, has disappeared.  My appetite and breathing are back to normal and my mood has improved.  The laundry pile in my living room is getting smaller too.  When I finish these big challenges, it always takes me a week or so to process what I have done and then figure out how to refocus my life.  Refocus might not be the best word, as I always have work and family to keep me in line.  Without a goal on the horizon, I sometimes feel lost and without purpose.  What should I do with myself if I don't have a race in the diary? We don't have kids, so I am lucky that I can structure my free time as I wish (with a few dog walks scattered in).  It is so easy though to waste time on social media, with naps, and in front of the TV. I work best with a weekly training plan structure in place.

I feel like Kilimanjaro took up as much mental effort and attention as a marathon.  Five months of planning and training went into it and I achieved what I set out to do (hurray!).  As soon as I got back to London, I knew I couldn't go long without adding in some dates to my diary.

I have rested every day since since my return (aside from 45 min spin class that I taught on last Monday).  Because my body was still adjusting, I focused on sleeping.  No blogging, no studying, not much time social media.   In the back of my mind, I have been trying to process how best to share my tale of climbing to the top of Africa.  There are so many tips and suggestions to share, I think I will put everything into an e-book so anyone who wants to do the hike themselves can know what to expect (leave a comment below if you has any specific questions about the trek so I can be sure to answer them).  It has been really nice not to have to worry about squeezing in a run before the snowfall and having to finish off a blog post before bed.

Although my body wasn't stiff or sore more than three days after returning to London, I got a sports massage from my friends at Function360. I am a big baby when it comes to deep tissue, but the therapist listened to my concerns and I felt refreshed after my 60 minute appointment.

Over the weekend, I took my last days of rest and set a plan for the next few months.  We are travelling to Thailand in April and to my hometown for wedding in late May.  There isn't much time to set up a new routine, but I am going to do my best.

First off, I am going to get back to my blog.  While writing my Kilimanjaro blog posts, product reviews, and ebook, I am also going to be finishing up my Future Fit training diploma in nutrition.  I am learning so much about food and really enjoying it.  Unfortunately, Kili sidelined me a bit meaning I am a few weeks behind in my timetable.  Once I am finished, I will be able to offer additional healthy eating advice and coach clients in person or online.  I pride myself on my lifelong learning and want to get as much out of this course as I can.

To keep me motivated in training, I have signed up for the following:

The first event is the Marathon du Medoc, a French fancy dress (costumed) "race" near Bordeaux.  I say "race" because there is lots of wine and food along the course.  My friends from Advent Running had a spare place so I hope I can keep up with their running and drinking pace.  Must add wine drinking to my training plan!

At the end of September, I am tentatively booked into Ragnar Relay with some of my Fitbit Fifty teammates and a 100 mile new sportive called Velo South.  I am waiting to see if we can find 10 people for the Ragnar.  If not, I will do the sportive (I hope I finish in one go, rather than needing three tried to meet the challenge as I did with Ride London).  My husband prefers cycling, so it will be nice to have an excuse to ride with him over the summer.

Finally, my next World Marathon Major is  New York Marathon in November.  I decided to book in  with 2.09 Events (upon recommendation from Charlie at The Runner Beans) as the price wasn't unreasonable for flight and entry.  A few friends live in the city so I have a couch or two to crash on.

Endurance seems to be the word in 2018.  In May, I will enter a 5K race in my hometown with my sister-in-law and step-mom.  They typically place in their age groups, so I am a little nervous about how I will perform.  I don't think I will be able to keep up but I will do my best.

What races do you have in your diary for 2018 so far?

Thanks to Function360 for the complementary treatment.  You can get 15% off your appointment with the code #F360MM15.

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