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Monday, November 6, 2017

Dorsiflexion assessment at our first meeting
It is no secret that I want to be a faster runner.  With three World Marathon Majors down and three more to go, improving my marathon PB is the best way to obtain entry to these exclusive races.  From January to June this year, I was devoted to #tracktuesdays with Advent Running and found that my speed did increase (I moved up from train 4 to train 3).  But then due to my Achilles tendinopathy, I had to stop going to track.  This month, I have returned to track but seem to be back to square one.

With each marathon, I realize strength training would make a big difference in my strength and endurance.  What I have done so far (basic full body training with free weights) just isn't working which I why I have started to work with Function360 Physiotherapy here in London so get my body into running shape.  My treatment program started all with a gait analysis that identified where my body's imbalances were.  Working off that base, I have twice met with Harvey, a corrective exercise specialist.  Our first session was primarily an evaluation of my mobility and ability to establish a baseline.  There was a variety of exercises and stretches we went through, some of which were given to me as homework.

Sure, stretching and reps of 10 sounds really easy, but I can assure you I was sweating throughout my sessions.  To increase the intensity up another notch, Harvey made me foam roll for over five minutes.  I targeted my quads and adductor muscles.

Foam rolling isn't my favorite thing to do

This week, I promised Harvey I would complete my homework.  After all, what good is meeting with him once a week if I am not doing my part outside of our meetings? Spending additional time on these exercises is just as important as going to track and getting my long runs done.

Harvey helping me work my tibia
Of course, I strained my hamstring on Sunday running for a train.  I experienced a bit of DOMS after our session on Wednesday.  I think I might have still been sore or stiff from that, which made the running tough.  I might swap my session with Harvey this week for a massage or myofascial release to see if I can help my hamstring heal.

Function360 is a one stop shop for physiotherapy, sports massage, personal training, corrective exercise and gait analysis.  I have now met several members of the team, including the owner, Jor, and everyone is lovely.

Book in today and get 15% off with my referral code #F360MM15.  Let me know what you are working towards below and how Function360 will help you.

Thanks for Function360 for supporting me as one of their sponsored athletes.  I will routinely be sharing my experiences with the Function360 team as I continue to prepare my body for the next 

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