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Monday, October 30, 2017

A big part of the blog is letting my readers know about different sports, new fitness trends, and encouraging you to be more active in your daily life.  Last month, I was thrilled when Decathlon invited me to be a part of the newly established Decathlon Blogger Community (DBC).  There are 25 of us so far who will be testing out some of the kit offered at Decathlon while we try new sports.

Some of the DBC gang
I have been familar with Decathlon since arriving in the UK.  I was lucky when I first arrived in London because there was a Decathlon near me.  Any time I tried a new sport (like ballet, open water swimming, cycling) I knew I could purchase quality kit at affordable prices from the store. In fact, my road bike is a BTwin. They offer equipment and supplies for over 70 sports, all under one roof.  That was back in 2011 when there was only one Decathlon store in London.  There are now 28 stores throughout the UK and the plan is for there to be a total of 300 by 2027.  Perhaps after that world domination?  Decathlon can currently be found on four different continents.

Finding out what more about the circuits

As a way to meet the other bloggers, we met up at the Decathlon London office for some fun and games.  We started off with a circuit set outside in the car park.  Charlotte, Bethan, and Stephen were on my team and we dominated! The stations were chest press, battle ropes, walking lunges, and slam balls.  I am pretty sure it helped that we had four people on our team rather than three as your earned points for each completed rep.

Teams at the ready.  Turns out most of us don't know much about European sports teams and stats.

There was also a pub quiz which was so difficult because I don't know too much about professional sports. I would rather play any that sit around and watch it, which seemed to be a general consensus. My husband would have dominated at this quiz.  Luckily, Stephen knew a fair bit and Charlotte is up to date with her footballer wife gossip.  It was close, but I am happy to say Team Yellow won.

Team selfie!
We will be learning more about the program in the coming months.  With over 20 Decathlon brands to choose from, I don't think we will run out of activities to try. If you would like me to highlight a specific sport or want to learn about a Decathlon product, leave a comment below and I will see what I can do.

We are the champions. 
Thank you to Decathlon for believing in what what this blog is all about and my mission to get more people active by discovering new fun ways to move more.

Capturing all the action. Bethan was committed to the cause in her weighted vest

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