How to have an awesome weekend

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Of course, different strokes for different folks but I had an awesome weekend and think you should too.  Here are my tips.  Let me know which ones you try and how it goes.
Burgess Park fishing late
  • Be a parkrun tourist- Due to my next tip, I needed to be in Elephant and Castle mid-Saturday morning.  I started looking at different parkruns and found Burgess Park run would be closest to where I needed to be.  After a quick shout on Facebook, I had a few friends meeting me there.  The bonus was that a few other friends from track happened to be there and it was perfect running weather (sunny, cool, with a slight breeze).  The course is flat and pretty with a fishing lake, open lawns, and wildflower gardens.  They even had orange pieces at the finish.  I was #224 and pleased with my sub-30 time.  After saying goodbye to everyone, I put my Osprey rucksack on and ran another 5K towards my marathon training. 
  • Attend an instructional weight lifting session- I was lucky enough to be invited by Vlique to attend a Girls Who Lift session at One2One fitness studio near Elephant and Castle.  Although I am a certified personal trainer, I don't have any clients right now nor do I belong to a gym.  It was great to have Anna review proper technique of cleans, squats, dead lifts, and pull ups.   An added bonus was that Sabine from My Life My Challenges was there too.  I hadn't seen her in ages so it was great to catch up. 
Working on my clean but I am fatigued from running 10K
  • Hit up an activewear sale- Lululemon leggings are my gold standard in terms of quality and fit.  However, they are also a big investment.  Sabine knew about a sample sale, which we spent a lot of time and money at.  
  • Have a delicious milkshake with a good friend- Maple syrup, Jack Daniel's and vanilla ice cream.  Need I say more?
  • Go on a date with your partner- Sunday was our 7th wedding anniversary.  We went to Luppolo in Wanstead as it is one of our favorites.  We always order the same thing.
Goat's cheese, red onions, olives pizza
  • Sleep in and then go for a run- Don't set your alarm.  When I woke up, I had a rough idea that I wanted to run another 10K.  I added in a stop at Rinkoff Bakery for some crodoughs, I mean to add in a mile, too.
  • Eat an outdoor brunch in Victoria Park- Yes, more eating.  Are you seeing a theme yet?  I met James and Oldland at a cafe for yummy food in the brisk air.  The sun went behind the clouds but that didn't matter as I ate a big plate of veg, egg, and halloumi while James had banana praline pancakes.
More eating!
  • Make your dog a cake- Not only was it our anniversary, it was also Oldand's 3rd adoptiversary on Monday.  I found a dog-friendly cake recipe online.  After Oldland licked all the Greek yogurt icing off of the cake, he swallowed the cake in two bites.

Liking the plate
  • Watch Outlander- The 3rd series ("season" in America) started and I cannot wait to see how they adapted Voyager.
I was lucky to see Outlander on Thursday night as a sneak preview :)
If you have any suggestions on what I sure try this weekend, leave a comment below and let me know.

Thanks to Vlique for the complimentary experience.  All opinions are honest and my own.

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