6 tips to stay fit as the seasons change

Friday, September 15, 2017

Now that the dark nights are settling in and the temperature is starting to plunge, don't give up on your summer fitness regime.

Stay motivated- Create a vision board, sign up for a race, pick up some cool goal setting stationary, put £1 in a jar for every mile that you run, or even make a bet with a friend.  Dig deep and think about what would inspire you to keep moving through the winter.

My vision board from 2012.  Who doesn't want Jess's abs?
Invest in a fitness tracker- It doesn't need to be anything fancy, a simple step counter will do.  Some will even buzz if you are sedentary for an hour to remind you to get up and take a quick walk.  Apple phones already have the Health app for this and there are other free options out there.  The government recommends 10,000 steps a day but I aim for 14,000 because of dog walks.

Comparing GPS trackers at Park Run

Workout at your desk-
 Curry's PC World teamed up with Fitbit to bring you a high-intensity routine that only takes 20 minutes and can be completed at work.   Set aside time during the day to do these five moves.  Get your office mates involved too! You can also check out the 100+ free quickie workouts I have posted here on my blog.

Hire a personal trainer-  The financial investment and accountability of a set meeting time will definitely keep you on track.  The guidance of a personal trainer can bring you quick visible results which can be very rewarding too.  If you don't have time or budget for in-person coaching, you can also sign up for digital coaching with me.

I used to walk Snowy. What a cutie!
Use your energy for good-  Long time readers will know that I believe in the work that Good Gym and Cinnamon Trust  charities do.  Good Gym has 3 different types of event.  The first is where participants can run in a group to do a one-off service job helping an elderly person.  The second is also in a group run but this time you help with community project.  The third, and I think the coolest, is where you commit to regularly running to an isolated older person.  You get to have a visit with them and then run home again.  Imagine the impact you will have by brightening their day!

Cinnamon Trust is a bit similar but involves animals.  You are paired with a local elderly or disabled person who needs help caring for their companion animals.  Usually there are dogs that need walking, but sometimes there are cat to play with or bird cages to clean out.

If you don't live in the UK, perhaps you can find similar programs where you live.

Get the right kit-  Winter is to much different from summer in the UK, aside from the shorter days.  Make sure you can be seen with reflective gear.  Invest in breathable layers with technical fabric.  If you feel good (ie not too hot or cold) and are confident you are safe, you can put more focus on your exercise regime.

I hope one of these suggestions will work for you.  If you have any additional ideas, leave a comment below.

This post is in collaboration with Curry's PC World and Fitbit.

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