Active travel awaits in South Africa

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

just a few days, I will be on a plane to South Africa.  This is the first time I will be visiting the region and I am ticking things off my bucket list.  During my two week stay, I plan on balancing fitness acitivites with time to relax, as well as sightseeing.  I am a firm believer that vacations are a time when you can unplug, find time to do the things you enjoy, and stay comitted to your health goals.

Here is a rough itinerary of what I will be doing while I am enjoying the 26 degrees C and sunshine.

Days 1-3: Visit Stellanbosch for a friend's wedding.  This is the reason I am headed down to that part of the world.  Of course, there will be indulgences with eating and drinking, but I will be burning calories on the dance floor too.

Day 4: 10K trail run at Warwick Winery and dinner with a  friend from London who lives in Cape Town.  I love me some bling and am trying to run in every state and country I visit.  This race is a trail run with lots of hills.  I will need to pack my trail shoes!

Day 5: Settle into Cape Town and visit the beach.

Day 6: CAGE DIVING!  The team at Marine Dynamics have invited me out on their boat to see great white sharks in their natural habitat.  I am a super-fish nerd and this has been on my bucket list for many many years.  This group come highly recomended and I cannot wait to bring my faux pro action cam in the cage with me.

Day 7: I am debating about paragliding or sea kayaking.  What do you recomend?  The bride and groom are having a farewell BBQ in the evening too.

Day 8: Park Run in Cape Town and then my husband arrives.

Day 9-10: Hire road bikes and explore the area on 2 wheels.  My husband will be designing our routes and I hope I can keep up.

Day 11-12: Penguin colonies and prison visit.

Day 13-14: Safari a few hours from Cape Town.  We have two safaris a day (at sunrise and sunset) during our stay.  We also get to meet some elephants up close and personal.

Day 15: Relax in Cape town and then head back home.

I am looking for fitness studios in Cape Town to visit or other active excursions.  Please leave a comment below if you have a suggestion for me or send me a tweet.

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