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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Since finishing my bachelors degree, there has rarely been a time when I wasn't studying part-time.  My career goal was to become an aquatic veterinarian so for several years I took classes part-time at the community college in my hometown to complete the prerequisite requirements.  But unfortunately, I didn't get in.  I then found myself taking courses to become a nurse practitioner before realising I didn't like people as much as animals.  Grad school came a few years later, then my spinning certification, personal training, and additional certifications, such as Coach in Running Fitness, along the way.  I enjoy learning new things in fields that interest me and enjoy the challenge of mastering new materials.  Plus, these courses are often great ways to meet other people with similar interests or who work in the same field as you.

Lately, I haven't been keeping up with the fitness industry advancements.  As the day job isn't allowing much time for part-time work in the gym, I find it hard to justify the expense of my time and money on fitness courses.  Plus, I would need to take time off from work to attend classroom sessions or to revise for final assessments.

I was intrigued when Future Fit Training contacted me to be one of the first to try out their new Pro Zone. Offering webinars, discounted online CPD, and networking opportunities, it is perfect for busy trainers like me.  It is a private Facebook group, meaning you can check in with the app you most likely already have on your phone.  Plus, checking Facebook is something you already do automatically so you don't have to worry about remembering to log into a separate place.  Everyone in the group has been really friendly and willing to share tips and advice whenever someone posts a question.

Key benefits of membership include:
  • 12 accredited webinars per year
  • 25% discount on all Future Fit CPD courses
  • Membership of an exclusive online fitness industry group
  • Specialist guest webinars
  • Unique promotions and competitions
  • Engaging content to help maximise your PT skills and business
The webinars tend to be on Wednesdays ar 2pm, which unfortunately is while I am at work.  However, they are recorded for later viewing and emailed to you if you registered.  The first one I signed up for was about mindset training with the founder of the Body Transformation Academy.  There are many more that I cannot wait to see.  Here are a few examples:

It has only been two weeks since I have joined, and I am still getting used to navigating the group and having it be part of my daily check in.  I see tremendous value in it though for new PTs or PTs who are trying to grow their business.  I will be posting updates in the next few weeks on how I get on with it and what new stuff I am learning that will help you be healthy and happy.

When was the last time you took a class to learn something new?  Did you continue to pursue it after the course ended?

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