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Monday, January 23, 2017

This morning, in the chilly sunshine, I ran 12 miles with the Advent Running crew.  The gang were chatty and supportive as always as I brought up the rear at my 9:30-10 minute mile pace.  After some food and a hot shower, I am now recovering on the couch under a warm blanket in my thermals.  I thought it would be a good time to catch you up on what has been happening with me lately.
  • December- It was a busy month with me at work, which meant my husband took the lead with Christmas planning and decorating.  Unfortunately, this is the second year he has done so and I really hope 2017 will be different.  I had eight weeks where I was either working or travelling and then really took a toll by New Year's.  We were away at a wedding, which usually I enjoy, but all I wanted to do was sleep.  I figured it was down to stress and overcommitting, but I was also considering increasing my anxiety medication temporarily to get me over this hump.  I am stilll struggling at the moment, but rather than change my medication, I am aiming to leave work on time every day.
  • Whole30- To help me reset my body and mind, I gave myself this clean eating challenge.  I have done this before (twice successfully and twice I quit) so I knew what was involved to succeed. I am hapy to say I have 8 days to go!  I am still longing for the forbidden foods, but I am feeling good overall and lost 5 pounds so I now fit into an old dress for an upcoming wedding.  I still don't think I have experienced 'tiger's blood' but maybe my metabolism is too slow to make a change in only a month's time.
  • Marathon training- As you know, I am running the London Marathon in April.  Training started at the end of December and I am chugging along.  My goal is to run 9:30 min miles which means I need to get faster.  Track Tuesdays with Advent Running are booked in the diary until the race.  I am also pushing myself a bit more on the shorter routes to get my body used to being (un)comfortable at a faster pace.  I still have goals to add in strength training and yoga/stretching but there never seems to be enough time in the day.  When my training volume goes up, my sleep requirements do too.  I am being more choosey about which blogging assignments I accept in the hopes to continue to bring you info on how to lead healthy  happy lives while I practice what I preach!
Photo by Fabric Forward
  • Travelling- In only a few weeks time, I will be living it up in Cape Town, South Africa.  There will be posts on this soon as I have some amazing active travel plans set up that I can't wait to share.  Cape Town has always been on my bucket list, and soon you will know why.
  • Finding a balance- With all of the above going on, I am trying to fit more in by taking time for me.  I treated myself to a pedicure at Christmas time, booked a Champney's spa break (post coming soon), and didn't run at all last weekend without feeling too guilty (well, I did think I had broke my toe).  Some of these aren't something I can do all the time, but I am now feeling more comfortable with 'treating' myself to a taste of the good life because I am worth it.

More time outside with my boy

I am going to be on the couch a wee bit longer while I rest my legs.  Leave a post below and let me knjow how you are doing so far this year.  Have you signed up for any races?  Any trips planned?  Which fitness classes are you loving right now?

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