Winter is coming. Send help.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Let's get right to it.  The days are shorter.  It actually is cold now.  And wet.  I assume you feel like I do this time of year and just wanted to stay under the duvet all day with the electric blanket on.  Here are six tips on how to stay out of hibernation.

Stay warm with merino wool baselayer and socks-I discovered merino wool years ago and have never looked back.  Depending on how 'heavy' it is, it will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  It also has the unique ability to not smell because it absorbs moisture so well, meaning there isn't an opportunity for bacteria to start growing on your skin.  I particularly like the socks for the winter because cotton holds on to the moisture (either from damp weather or sweat) which makes me cold.

Drink plenty of fluid- If you don't carry a water bottle around with you, now is the time to get on board.  Hydro Flask is a vauum-insulated stainless steel bottle that keeps drinks warm or cold (they gave me one filled with ice and it lasted through the night!) so it is a perfect vessel no mater what time of year (or beverage choice). You should still be drinking plenty of water in the colder months, even though you are not sweating as much. Carrying a bottle is super-convenient and will help you measure how much you drink each day.

Note the beer flagon/growler size

See sunlight- I am still using my Lumie alarm clock which helps me wake up a bit more naturally when it is still dark outside.  I also have a Seasonal Affect Disorder lamp at work which helps the entire team during the dark months.  Another way to see more sunlight would be simply to head outside for a walk on your break or eat lunch outside on the sunny days.

Stay active with home workouts with Julia- If you are anything like me, once I get home and sit down, I find it hard to get out the door again for a pint of milk, let alone the gym.  That is the brilliance behind Julia's online gym.  I don't need to rush about for a class schedule or to meet a personal trainer. Julia is my coach and available anytime I need her.  Join now for free and give it a try.  The workouts last 20-60 minutes making them very easy to slot into your day.  You can even do them at work as some don't require equipment.  Julia is currently offering her Bronze level membership for FREE so you really have nothing to loose.

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Cooking with colourful vegetables this time of year.  Have you tried 'crack vegetables yet? Sure, fruits in the summer are great, but now is the time of year to dig in (see what I did there) to the root veg selection at your local grocer. Select as many different colours as possible, and heck, pick one you have never eaten before and live on the edge a bit.

Pick up an old hobby- You probably don't feel like going out quite as much as you did the summertime.  You will need a new way to fill up your time  did you love to read as a child.? Or take ballroom dance lessons at uni?  Or did your grandmother teach you how to knit when you visited her during summer holidays?  Keeping the mind active and doing things you enjoy is just as important as being physically active.  You will meet new people as you take up your favourite pastime, rediscover a lost passion, and maybe even get a confidence boost if you find you still have a talent for it.  How cool would that be?

These are just a few tips and perhaps you may have heard them before.  Dd you act on them? Did you take control and make positive changes to feel better and stay fit?  One of my favourite quotes is 'if you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got.'  Remember your goal is health and happiness, so take the first step today.  And of course, let me know how it goes.

Hydro Flask kindly gave me their bottle to try out.  All opinons are honest and my own.  This post also contains affiliate links.  These are at no additional cost to you, but help maintain the cost of running the blog and supporting my activewear purchases.

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