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Thursday, November 10, 2016

It always amazes me how Londoners will go for fashion over function when it comes to shoe choice.  I know I am neither trendy or cool, especially in an urban sense.  But where I grew up, when there was 2 feet of snow , you would wear warm tall boots.  The first winter we were in London, it snowed a few wet centimetres. As we had just came from Michigan and still had our gortex winter boots. We met friends for coffee and they were in Nike trainers with frozen feet. We may not have looked cool, but our feet were warm and dry.

Brand new OOFOS. I need a pedicure STAT!
After races, people often change out of their running shoes (cuz those are only for running in) and throw on flip flops.  I can't wear most flip flops because the design often lacks arch support and cushioning. With my history of plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis, it causes me a lot of pain to wear flat shoes for long periods of time.  Usually I will leave my trainers on after a race or bring another pair with me to change into.

This summer, I was fortunate enough to have a pair of OOFOS Recovery flip flops (OOriginal in Fuschia, of course) to product test after my races.  I wore them after the Dublin Half, between laps at Spitfire Scramble, after the Berlin Marathon, and while I was awake on the bus during the FitbitFifty.  The OOFoam technology is a little cushy, yet supportive.  The shoe design also has an arch built in.  Usually my narrow feet don't feet in sandals were the straps are not adjustable (the straps would be above my feet making it hard to walk), but my feet fit in oofos just fine.  The shoes are light, making it a no-brainer to take them travelling.  The color selection means they can compliment many outfit choices too and there are a range of designs too.  I felt great the day after the races where I tested them out, while during the relays I was able to keep going.  You can even throw them in the washing machine to spruce them up.

Easy to wash, but because mine are a ligher color,
there were still a few areas of wear.

Fast forward to colder weather......

Muddy dog walks are now bareable due to warm
dry feet
In the summer, I wear trainers while I wear gortex shoes from September to May in London. It rains a lot here and I hate having wet feet.  Walking Oldland in the park through long grass, there is still a chance my jeans and socks will get wet. I have some budget wellies from decathlon but they are really heavy and my socks always fall down (do you ever have this problem?). I also had to invest in insoles for the wellies as there was no support in there at all.

At a recent press event, I was introduced to Bogs Footwear.  They specialise in waterproof shoes, from wellies to walking shoes.  Most recently, they launched a leather range but this is only available in the USA so far (good thing I am going home for Thanksgiving in two weeks).  I have been using the Crandall Tall wellies on my dog walks and while out watching Guy Faulkes fireworks.  My feet have stayed toasty warm.  There is a soft lining and handy holes on the sides to pull the boots on with.  The heel has plastic higher up which allows you to take shoes off using other foot without ruining the Neo-Tech waterproof insulation.  The design is sleek enough that I would wear them out to a country pub but I don't think I would wear them on a night out, unless it was a bonfire or haunted hay ride.

Both shoes are fit for purpose and stylish enough to wear outside of race recovery and dog walks.  I am so glad I can finally have shoes that are comfortable and look good too rather than having to pick function over fashion.

What is your shoe of choice after a tough race or while on a wet walk through the woods?  Do you go for fashion over function?

Bring on London wintery weather!

OOFOS and Bogs Footwear were kind enough to gift me these shoes to try out. All opinions are honest and my own.

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