Let's remember today as the day I nearly met the Queen

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Between the election results and pouring rain this morning, I did not want to get out of bed.  It was dark and cold outside in the world, where I was safe and warm in my bed.  However, I needed to get up because today, Her Majesty, the Queen, was coming to my place of work.

You may not believe it, but I have what I call 'a real job'- one not related to health and fitness.  I am a lab manager at a large scientific laboratory in Central London.  Today, the building had its official opening with HM, the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, and Prince Andrew in attendence.  Of course, everyone at work was super excited about a chance to see royalty up close and personal.

The day had a strict schedule, with the royalty in the building for only one hour.  There were several stops for them along the way- to meet scientists, see the research labs, and attend a short lecture in the auditorium.  A raffle determined which employees were able to meet HM and also to attend the lecture.  Unfortunately, I did not win either opportunity.

Instead, I thought I would get small bouquet of flowers in case the Queen happened to walk by me. It ended up being slightly controversial as my workplace had already selected a few local children to give the Queen flowers. I assured the stewards I would not approach the Queen or interfere with the procession when they walked by.  I would just stand by and smile.

Here is a video of the Queen entering the lobby of our building and taking a lift up to see the science labs.

On the way back down, the lady-in-waiting came over to me (eek!) and suggested I be moved over to a different spot so the Queen would walk by me and I could present her my gift.  OMG!  The only things going through my head were 'I wish I wore a dress' and 'I hope I don't get in trouble' (which I often do at work for being over-enthusiastic).

Unfortunately, the royal party were already behind schedule and the Queen was quickly ushered passed me into the auditorium for the lecture.

Waiting patiently

The royal security team then moved me to the exit of the auditorium, right in the sight line of the Queen so she would see me when she exited.  I was so nervous to be waiting there for her to exit.  None of my friends or colleagues were standing in this area, nor could they move over there.  The head of our security tried to keep me calm by talking about the weather in America, but I was sweating.

Once again, the Queen walked by me while talking with the director of my institute.  The lovely lady-in-waiting came over though and said she was sorry and she had tried for me to meet the queen.  She then asked if she should take the flowers for me, to which I curtsied a thank you.  (Are you supposed to courtesy ladies-in-waiting?).

There was then a short speech by the director, after which the queen unvieled a portrait and the official building opening plaque.  It was a whirlwind morning, followed by champagne and lunch after HM, Duke, and Prince left the building.

So, instead of remembering today as the day Trump became the 45th president, I will instead remember it as the day I nearly met the Queen. Twice.

Big thank you to Lady Susan Hussey, Baroness Hussey of North Bradley for rooting for me today.

My resting heart beat, according to my Fitbit Surge, shot up to 134. From 11:30am- 12pm see all the spikes while I nearly met Her Majesty the Queen.

Have you ever met (or nearly met) any royalty?  Tell me about your experience in the comments below.


  1. A day to remember! Proud of you for working at a great scientific facility!

  2. Exciting!!! Can't believe you were to shy to give her the flowers :)


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