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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Motivation Quarter Zip on the Nile
The North Face (TNF) has long been a favourite brand of mine. I have 3/4 zip shirts that are 5+ years old and they don't show much wear. I also prefer TNF backpacks for my daily commute as they have great internal organisation and are once again, built to last.

In the spring, Blacks gave me a few pieces from the new TNF Mountain Athletics line.  As I wrote previously (link) I practically lived in the Motivation Quarter zip while I was in Cairo and Instanbul. The fabric was light enough to carry in my purse but also kept me warm on the warm and once the sun went down.  It didn't even start to smell after a few wears.  We recently spent a love weekend in ache Alsacian region of France for a wedding, where the top was a staple in the misty weather during the day and the chilly evenings at night.

Love these pretty leggings!
The warm spring and summer meant that I haven't been able to wear the Pulse leggings very much to exercise in.  They are very comfortable and the print is flattering on my body type (although I would like a thicker elastic waistband but that is my personal preference). The only thing missing is a pocket to keep a few essentials in.  Perhaps if you were running up a mountain, you'd have a bag with you anyways.

The Play Hard vest (aka tank top in America) is soft material with a loose cut, which I prefer as opposed to skin tight kit. I wore the tank in Fierce Grace yYoga and completely soaked it through. I also wore it on a photo shoot with Will Patrick and am quite happy with the results.  I love the bold design too which inspires me to be bold when out training in the mountains.

These pieces are really versatile and can be used in the gym, out for a run, at yoga, and of course when you are exploring the great outdoors. Check out the full Mountain Athletics women's range offered at Black's here (and here for the men's).  These pieces are perfect for autumnal training as the leggings and layers will help you tackle a rang of temps throughout the day.

Photo by Will Patrick

Black's kindly gifted me these pieces. All opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. Thanks for the review of the North Face clothes. Love the last photo!


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