Getting back my pearly whites

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My American style teeth often get comments. Every time I go to a new dentist, the hygienist is confused as to why so many of my teeth are missing (small jaw + big teeth = 4 tooth extractions on top of my wisdom teeth). I had a palette expander, two sets of braces, and a retainer when growing up.  The braces left small stains on my teeth but since I don't drink coffe or tea (just a lot of Diet Coke) my teeth are fairly white. But not as white as people who get their teeth whitened, which sometimes seems a bit unnatural in appearance.  As my smile is one of the first impressions, I was keen to see if I could improve it,

In the past, I have tried the home whitening kits that are a little piece of film you leave on your teeth but I never stuck with it long enough to see any results. I have longingly looked at Groupon deals for laser teeth whitening but they all seem too good to be true.  When I saw CB 12 White Mouthwash though, I was intrigued. Could a mouthwash give me whiter teeth in less than 2 weeks? It also claim to boost fresh breath.  I have always had bad breath, so this aspect of the mouthwash also appeaped to me. In 5th grade, I used to carry around breathspray because gum wasn't allowed at school.  But then they banned the breathspray because it had alcohol in it, so I was back to square one.

Here is a photo of my smile from 2 August 2016,  before I started using CB 12 mouthwash:

I used a piece of paper to have standard of reference for white.
And here is my after photo from 17 August 2016, after using CB12 mouthwash twice a day:

My husband agreed that after a week my teeth looked whiter (and I am pretty sure he didn't know I was testing a product).  When I woke up each morning, my mouth didn't have a icky taste (but don't worry- I still brushed my teeth before I set off to work).  Luckily people in London are too polite to tell me when my breath is bad so I don't know if anyone else noticed a change in my breath.  It was easy to incorporate CB 12 mouthwash into my morning and evening routines. I took it on holiday to Ireland with me too.  I just decanted how much I needed into a smaller bottle to bring in my carry on bag.

The one thing I would suggest is that it would be great if the bottle cap could also be used to measure out the suggested 5ml portion.  I guess-timated with the cap, but it seemed like I loss some liquid down the side every time I used it.

Overall, I am really pleased with CB 12 mouthwash. My husband was impressed too and wants to buy some for his British teeth.  If he does, I will follow up with more before and after photos as he is a coffee and tea drinker.

CB 12 kindly gifted me a bottle of CB 12 mouthwash.  All views are honest and my own.

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