Can #officeyoga help you find your om?

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Earlier this summer, The Telegraph published an article stating that a research study found that sitting for eight or more hours a day could significantly increase the risk of premature death.  We all know sitting is worse for you than being active, but it can be hard to fit it into a busy day that includes getting the kids off to school, commuting, working, cooking dinner, and relaxing in the evening.  Lately, I have been at a desk all day long without any time to get out the door for a run or stretch.  These are the days that I could really use some stress-relief.

Travelling can bring you to a more relaxing setting, but the journey there can be stressful.  On my trip over the weekend to France and Germany, I found myself sitting a lot in the airport, then on the plane, and finally in the car for a few hours.  I just couldn't get comfortable and found my lower back really knotted up.

The moves included in the infographic from Furniture at Work below can easily be done at your desk at work or on a plane or during a roadtrip.  (Please refrain from exercising if you are behind the wheel.  Focus on the road ahead!)  I highly recomend that instead of taking a 5 minute Facebook break, you instead give the poses below a try.

See larger graphic here

You can also check out this short video with some #officeyoga moves over on You Tube.

While our flight was delayed in Frankfurt, I came up with a few suggestions for exercises you can easily do at the airport.  These include:

Bulgarian squats (with one leg up on the chair)

Incline press ups (horrible angle, ugh!)

Side plank (add in a twist if it is easy)

Tricep dips (legs straight to make it tougher)

Remember to take a few moments every day to stretch at your desk.  Nobody wants to die young, especially if you are so working hard you don;t have time to enjoy life outside the office.

How do you relax and reenergize when you are stuck at your desk all day?  Leave a comment below with your tips or tweet me (@PTMollie) with #officeyoga.

This post was in collaboration with Furniture at Work, a company keen to raise awareness of the importance of movement at work.  Corportate wellness is important, so get in touch if you would like me to lead a fitness class or run club at your central London workplace.

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  1. Great suggestions to stretch and loosen up. Thanks! I will try them!


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