Brand new bootcamp in town

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Waiting for the studio doors to open.
Bootcamps are great because they offer you a kick *ss workout that includes both strength and cardiovascular fitness via running.  Whether they are 30 minutes or an hour, the constant switch between weights and treadmill offer your body a constant challenge while letting also letting it 'rest'.

Pressing up on the custom Best's Box, photo by Marcel G.
There is a new bootcamp on the London fitness scene. Strategically located next to Charing Cross station, I recently attended a preview of Best's Bootcamp.  The studio's official launch is 9th May and they will be offering classes from 6am to the last class at 7:30pm. I rocketed through a 50 minute class with many of my fitness blogger friends, with 3 sets on the treadmill and 3 sets on the gym floor with weights and body exercises.

Best's offers a unique 3D experience as they have TV screens for the Trainer Cam to help participants see what the instructor is doing. The room is an L-shape with 21 treadmills and another 21 Best Blocks (custom soft ploy boxes). During our world preview session, Lee lead the class while 3 other trainers walked around to help us with form.  I hope when the classes start, at least 1 extra instructor will be in the class in the initial  months.  It was really helpful to have a bit more help figuring out what moves you were supposed to be doing and with picking out equipment.

Treadmill Army, photo by Marcel G.
In the Best's Bootcamp classes, intervals are one minute long and Lee demonstrated each new move for the 'Worker Bees' for 15 seconds. He also had to keep track of the 'Treadmill Army' who were sprinting, hill climbing, and eventually sprint descending.  The treadmills are a special design from America that allow you to run both uphill and downhill, which I was a little apprehensive about.  However, when I ran downhill, it didn't feel steep and I was ale to remain in control as I picked up speed.

Worker Bees, photo by Marcel G.
After our sweat fest, we were each rewarded with a protein shake as a DJ spun some tunes.  The women's changing room as a cool down blast chamber (I don't know what else to call it) in the corner which will help you cool off after a tough session.  There are lockers with keypads and also some where you can use your own padlock.  A few of the lockers also have a USB charger so you can leave your phone charging during class.  There are plenty of showers, toilets, hair dyers, and straightners.

Time to refuel with a protein shake
Aside from the Bootcamp studio, there is also a cycling studio.  It wasn't kitted out yet when I was there, but I look forward to returning to see what it looks like.  As a spinning instructor, I am always excited for a new studio to open up in London.

Will I see you there soon?  First class is free, so no excuses.

The awesome mural in the studio. Look for
#itsalondonthing on social media.
Photos are mine, except for those marked Marcel G Photography.

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