Polygiene does it again- a stink test

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Freya lingerie brand has recently added an activewear line to its offerings.  Smartly, they chose to use fabric treated with Polygiene for their designs, which helps prevent bacteria (and therefore odour) build up after repeated gym sessions without washing in between.  You can read my other suggestions on how to avoid stinky gym kit at your desk here on H2 Life Blog.

To put these Polygiene-treated shorts to the tests, I wore them for over 5 hours of running and indoor cycling without washing.  After each use (and then drying on a hanger or floor), my husband gave them the sniff test.  Only this last time did he start to notice something, and as he pointed out, he had to put his nose right against the fabric.  What a brave soul!  I was really surprised because they were really sweaty after each of my workouts.  i thought there would have been some indication before then.

Overall, I am very pleased with how the Polygiene treatment helped delay the onset of smell to these shorts. It helps save me time from doing laundry and save energy/water from less loads.  My husband is happy too as he feels is he constantly washing gym kit while his collared shirts require fewer washes if he layers properly.  Less washing also helps your clothes last longer, as the washing machine can be a bit rough on fabrics.

Yes, a dryer uses a lot of energy, but boy do I miss having one!

The only thing I would suggest is that Freya start using Polygiene fabrics for their sport bras too.  It would make me feel more confident knowing I am not going to smell after wearing my sport bra for a second time without washing (come on- you know you do it too!) or that if I douse myself with water on a hot day, I won't smell horrible.

What tips do you have to avoid your gym kit from smelling?

Thanks to Polygiene for gifting me these shorts to try out.  All opinions are honest and my own.

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