Product Review: Fleetfoot 3 Max

Monday, February 15, 2016

Long-time readers will know that I am a fan of British sport accessory brand Workplay Bags. Over the years, we have supported each other on many campaigns and it has been fantastic. It has been great reviewing their bags, which are specifically designed for the female figure, as well as testing prototypes.  The Fleetfoot II I reviewed in 2012  and I have nearly worn it out. If I am running a short distance and don't require a water bottle, I throw my keys, phone, & Oyster card in my Fleetfoot II. Technically, it could carry a small water bottle in the mesh bit, but I never liked how it felt on my lower back.  The bag might also hold one small pack of Haribos or a gel, but that was it.

Introducing the Fleetfooot 3 Max in a new colour range.

Based on feedback from customers, Workplay Bags have released the Fleetfoot 3 Max.  It has a slightly bigger pouch which means there is now room for your iPhone6 and inhaler. The bag also comes in new colours- black, berry, and luminous yellow.  Even though it is bigger (and therefore can hold more stuff), the bag is still incredibly comfortable. The adjustable strap means you can wear it where it fits best for your body shape. I wear it on my natural waist and for me, it doesn't bounce no matter how full (or empty) it is.  Having a little more room means I pack a few gels without a problem. The interior now has three sections- a soft pouch for keys and change (to prevent your phone from getting scratched) and then a divider for the rest.  There are also gel loops on the strap, which is a new feature.  The mesh external storage pouch and elastic straps for holding a jacket have remained in the updated design, which allow the user to carry even more.

The bigger pouch also means a greater reflective area to maintain your visibility on early morning or late night runs. The larger size has not compromised the female fit however. The Fleetfoot 3 Max still is hardly noticeable when you wear it (no bounce and it stays in place).

Check out the high-vis. Safety is key!

It you are looking for a comfortable bum bag, please do check out Workplay bags. Support a British small business that designs for a women's body shape and you will not be disappointed.

WorkPlay Bags graciously gifted me the Fleetfoot 3 Max for review.  All opinions are honest and my own.

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