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Monday, February 29, 2016

Well this is it. My marathon is Sunday. And I have had a cold since two weekends ago. I woke up with cold, ran 12 miles to work and sniffled my way through the week. Friday, Lucy and I did a slow 4 miles in the sun as she has also been sick. Everyone is at work really, so I guess it was hard to avoid. We put in the miles and are not expecting any PB's so if there is any race to get sick for, this is the one.

I was too sick to teach spin last week but gave it a go last night. Coughing and sniffling, of course. I have been using my resistance bands to help strengthen my glutes and hips, so not all has been lost.  My left piriformis is still acting up but I don't if this is from the extra resistance band exercises or something else. But I don't have free time that aligns with my massage therapist.  And now the right side has given some indication that it isn't happy either. I must get more serious about strength training before Berlin!  My only guess is that my piriformis is compensating for something that isn't strong enough.

Not much to do this week but fuel and rest.  My plan has me running 10 miles over 3 days but I am going to skip these.  I am off also off Diet Coke and cookies this week.  The plan is to keep this up through April as I have a photo shoot for new head shots and am not happy with how I look. When I did Whole30 while marathon training last year, I slimmed down. I am sure some of that was due to a reduction in bloating and lots down to not eating crap. I need to remember how strong and healthy I felt during that time and draw on that when I feel like eating something that isn't good for me.

If I don't stumble upon a London Marathon place, I start Ride London training in April and Berlin marathon training in May.  It is going to be a busy year!

If you want to cheer me on or pace me for a lap, the Mill Hill Marathon is Sunday at 9.00am starting at Camdenians Sports Club. It is a fundraiser for Marie Curie so if you are impressed with how far I am running, feel free to donate on the organizer's website here.

We are meant to wear yellow shirts, so I got my nails did.  :)

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