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Friday, February 26, 2016

I don't talk about it much now that it is under control, but I have a skin allergy.  It is pretty severe and I struggle to find beauty products that don't cause a reaction. My day job used to require me to have my hands in water most of the day, and that aggravated it even more. The UK and EU seems to have better standards that the US, but this have developed more in the 5 years we have been in London.

When I first came to London, I did some product reviews for Green People  (self-tanning lotion and shampoo and conditioner).  Currently, I use their intensive repair shampoo and conditioner, as well as rejuvenating eye creme on a daily basis, and their sun screen when on holiday.  So I was super-excited when they contacted me about their exercise survey.  Over 1,000 of their customers took part and you can see the results in the infographic below.  Overall, results indicated that people who exercise just one hour per week are 17% more content with their appearance than those who do not take part in exercise regularly.  It also suggests that you should find a form of exercise you like, rather than trying out each new fad (something I would 100% agree with.  Do what makes you happy!)

Surely you have 60 minutes a week to make yourself feel content?  Join in the conversation on Twitter with #JustOneHour and let us know if you agree.

Green People kindly sent me a few products from their new Quinoa & Artichoke range to try in exchange for this post.  Product reviews coming soon.

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