Giveaway: Running around in my Runderwear

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Earlier this year, I bought my first 2 pairs of Runderwear briefs at the London Marathon expo.  They were having a deal and my friends Jen and Becs a had both sang praises of the product on their blogs.  In one weeks' time I was headed off to Prague for my first marathon, and thought Runderwear would be useful.  Of course, I forgot them on the drying rack at home while packing for my trip.
Reverse side of ladies brief and G-string

Since then. I have found them to be very useful during my trip to Azul Fit, on days when I run or cycle to work, and anytime I think I'll have an active sweaty day.  The briefs have a granny cut with high waist and lower leg opening. They are snug-fitting but give way very easily so you don't feel squeezed to death.  The high waist has taken some getting used but I understand e design logic (they won't fall down while being active).  Sometimes the waistband shows above my leggings thought, which can be a bit awkward.

Recently, Runderwear sent the their new crop top, G-string, and a pair of men's briefs for my husband to try out.  One of my Spitfire Scramble team mates said she only runs in G-strings, which peaked my interest as I would envision it to be very uncomfortable.

Never take a topless selfie first thing
in the morning.
Admittedly, I was a bit apprehensive about the crop top. With 38B chest (which somehow squeezes into a 34B sport bra with some help) I have trouble finding bras that support me as I usually take part in high impact activities (running, Spinning). As this is called a 'crop top,' I don't think Runderwear expects great support but the packaging says to wear it over a sports bras to help with moisture control if you are above a B cup.

I wore it solo on a Saturday when I was headed to Homebase via train and foot.  I knew I would have a lot of stuff to carry back and that would make me pretty sweaty.  When looking down at my chest, I thought my boobs looked a little bit low as there isn't any underwire sport. The crop top was extremely comfortable and did indeed help me be less of a sweaty mess on my journey home carrying firewood and a hosepipe.  I am not comfortable enough with my body to only wear a crop top, but check out the photo to the left to see how much coverage the top offers. I think it would be perfect for hot yoga, hiking, or any low impact exercise class if you have a large chest.  As with all Runderwear material and design, it definitely dries quickly and doesn't chafe.

The G-string game was completely new to me. I used to have an array of thong undies but over the years, I find myself attending less and less events that require me to dress up.  I really don't care about visible panty lines (VPL) either.  I wore the Runderwear G-string under my ashmei running skort while volunteering at Park Run on a wet and windy morning. The first thing I noticed was the breeze on my bum! (I really wasn't expecting that at all.) The skort and leggings are merino wool which means the fabric is quite breathable.  I then headed out on a 6 mile wet and windy run to,the Olympic Park.  I hardly noticed the Runderwear (which I think is a good thing) while out on my run. I wasn't having the best run so I think if they were really terrible the undies would have bothered me more.  They were nearly dry when I got home.
Men's brief, G-string, and ladies brief

The men's brief are made of the same material but have a 'pouch' in the front design for manly bits.  James usually wears his Marks and Spencer cotton boxer briefs when he exercises (even though I gave him lululemon pair a few years back) so his initial comments were about the cut of the leg being high.  He tried them out during the same wet and rainy Park Run I volunteered at and said he didn't notice them while he was running.  He also felt he had plenty of support but he couldn't say much about the superior wicking capability as it was raining.  James said he will definitely be wearing them on future runs and when commuting by bike in the summer.
Win one of two pairs of these!

Giveaway time! 2 lucky readers will each win a Runderwear women's brief in size medium (brand new in package, don't worry).  Enter below.  Draw ends 27th November.  Open to UK residents only to help keep shipping costs down.  Thanks for understanding.

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  1. I just bought some of the Runderwear briefs but they are really high, all my leggings have a lower waistline than those! And as for running in a G string - would it just not be better to not wear anything at all? ;)

  2. I had to try a few different pairs of legging to find the best match. My shirts always cover my waist though so I wasn't too worried. I think G-string is a personal preference. I prefer briefs when exercising but the G-string was comfy too.


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