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Friday, November 20, 2015

Running all over town
I do love a good massage. In the past, I primarily got massages as a treat, a wee bit of indulgence to relax. But since being in London and upping my training game, I see the justification of massage as a tool for recovery. It helps work out any niggles before they get worse and keeps my muscles in good shape.

As with any appointment you make, there is always the worry of trying to find the location and get there on time.  The massage therapist I used to use moved offices to a different part of Mill Hill and then I moved to Forest Gate.  So I have been on the hunt for a new one. A new mobile massage app, Urban Massage, recently approached me to do a review and I was thrilled.

Actually, my thought pattern was: At first, a bit apprehensive, because I wasn't sure there was enough space in my house and then I worried what my dog would do during the massage. Then I thought about having a stranger in my house while I was naked. But these were fleeting thoughts though and soon I had my appointment set.

My appointment was confirmed with a text and email.  Leonie was right on time and brought a massage table with her.  I had to provide 3 bath towels and a hand towel (luckily I had enough clean ones). We chatted for a bit while she set up her table as I was interested in how Urban Massage worked. From what she said, they are very focused on employee and customer safety, which was reassuring to hear.  She has been working for them for 6 months and seems very happy with how the service works.

Had to move the dining room table but we made it work.
 Before we started, I had a choice of oils and whether I wanted relaxing music. As a qualified fitness instructor and massage therapist, Leonie was very knowledgeable and had great suggestions for me as an athlete on how to maximize my massage as she gave my legs a good rubdown.  I had heard a few of her tips before and she appreciated my honesty that I don't follow many of them (naughty, I know).  When I asked her for advice to give readers on how to get the most out of your massage, she said she wished people would follow her after-care advice.  Her point was that by listening to what your massage therapist says, you can see/feel the benefits to the recovery process and help alleviate the problems you have been having in a timely manner, which is why you sought out the massage in the first place.
I loved this oil Leonie used.

The hour went by quickly as we chatted about fitness, dogs, and how no two bodies are the same. Urban Massage therapists write notes in your online record to help with continuity of care.  Although the treatment was an hour, she was at my house for 1.5 hours as there was the table set up and paperwork to fill out.  Be sure to set aside enough time for set up and break down of the table when you book your appointment.

Leonie was really lovely and I think I found a good match for my needs. The convenience of it was great, but I did have to rearrange some furniture in my dining room.  It motivated me too to tidy up my pile of stuff on the table.

If you want to give Urban Massage a try, book through the widget in the right hand column of my page or on the app with the referral code RMOLLI1 for £10 off.  Then leave a comment below with your review of the experience.

Thanks to Urban Massage for the complimentary service.  All opinions are honest and my own.  For every booking made through my website, I receive a small commission.

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