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Monday, November 2, 2015

You may have read my post on the H2 Life Blog about how not to stink up your desk at work as an active person. Purchasing a Polygiene, a silver-ion treatment process, product was one of the suggestions on the list as it prevents the bacteria from multiplying and therefore decreases the risk of stink.

Another added benefit of Polygiene though is a lessening of personal environmental impact.  If something doesn't smell do you still need to wash it? (Probably one of the most popular philosophical debates of the 20th & 21st century). When I was teaching group exercises regularly, one of the biggest complaints my husband had was the amount of laundry. But what if I could wear something a few times & not have to worry about the cumulative smell, pressure on Earth's natural resources or mounting energy bills?

Courtesy of Polygiene

My husband and I did a mini-experiment to test out how long a pair of socks can go before needing a wash. He had a pair of Polygiene treated socks that he committed to wearing every day for a week. Even though I hate feet, I agreed to sniff the socks each day in the name of science. Would Polygiene stand the test against bike commuting in the London rain?

Current pile of laundry
Not surprisingly, the answer was yes.  My face and nose were always braced for the worst but never offended when presented with the much-abused socks.  We decided to end the experiment there as 5 days seemed like a long time to wear a pair of socks (social conformity still dictates some rules to us I guess).  But change the socks to larger garments and soon the laundry basket won't be so full if you only put 1/5 of items in there.

For those that are more worried about your bank account that water resource availability, Moneystepper.com estimates that a load of laundry costs £1.72 per load which can add up to about £1000/year on laundry for the average family (this assumes you use a dryer not clothesline).  Of course you may have some heated discussions on where to keep these 'not dirty but not clean clothes' or 'how do you know when to wash them' but that will be energy well spent? You would also save time, which you could spend out pursuing the sweaty things you love doing.
Courtesy of Polygiene
Thank you to Polygiene for gifting us some fancy socks to try out.  Please let us know if you ever branch out into dog beds as Oldland is very stinky.

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