12 Christmas gifts for health & happiness

Friday, November 27, 2015

Dear Santa, I don't have all of these items but they do seem to be pretty awesome.
Feel free to leave any one of them under my tree. 

Happy Black Friday! While I completely agree with REI's #optoutside campaign for Black Friday, those of us in the UK still have to work (or sit at work and shop online).  Here are my top 12 gifts for the special person in your life seeking health and happiness.

1. Primus lite stove. These stoves are made in Europe and actually tired out in the factory before they are packed up. The size makes it very portable, which is great for all outdoor pursuits. Add a tin cup and pack of flavoured tea for a thoughtful gift pack.

2.  Sawako Furuno Sparkle helmet. My dog ate my helmet so I have been on th hunt for a new one. It is the party season so why not glitz it up a bit?  I am pretty sure this helmet comes with perm-a-smiles when you have it on.

3.  Rem-Fit 300 series pillow- This pillow helps control your body temperatures as you sleep, ensuring more restful sleep cycle. It also protects against allergens and dust mites.  It contours to your shape, as well as the surface it is upon (which might be handy for camping or sleeping on air mattresses at the holidays).  Other cool features are the Support Clusters and Polyfil fiber that can be added in or removed so you can customize the firmness of your pillow to your preference.

4.  Stolen Goat long sleeve thermal Hexilation bike jersey.- I have bikes on the brain with ride London in the books for 2016.  Every Stolen Goat Jersey I see catches my eye. Made from modern fabrics with a roubaix lining, it keeps you warm but not too hot.  Plus you will look über cool après ride at the cafe or pub. *Bonus- Black Friday sale now on*

5.  The Happiness Planner- my calendar is digital to help my husband and I keep track of what is gong on so I can't go 100% back to paper. The Happiness Planner is more for goal setting and brain dumping. I usually carry a blank journal for that sort of thing any ways. Having The Happiness Planner appeals to me as it creates a structured creative space for all my random thoughts and ideas.

6.  Gym Tote. Ladies- Stop carrying 6 million bags to work with you and narrow it down to one.  This fits gym kit, lunch, trainers, and your iPad but no one would know from looking at it that all that stuff is in there.  I have been trying out the Reese LUXe Tote and am always amazed at how much I can fit in there.  There is so much organization with internal storage and vents to help prevent both your clothes and bag from getting smelly.  Another strong feature design is the optional chest strap that allows you to carry it hands free.  Be on the lookout for a new design in 2016 that incorporates room for a laptop. *Bonus- Black Friday sale now on*

7.  Kamagon ball- This fitness tool is so versatile and fun! Flip it, smash it, throw it, fill it for a fun workout at home. Everybody at home can use it as the amount of water in it can be adjusted, making it easier or lighter based on user needs. It can also collapse down when empty for easy storage. It is part kettlebell, Swiss ball, and medicine ball all in one.

8.  Triathlon Box- Have you ever tri'ed? Half the battle is getting all your kit to the start line (bag, bike, storage box, wetsuit, etc). This box makes it much easier with it's ingenious design of straddling your bike fame.  This also features internal organization, a lock combination, and can be used to stablize your bike on the rack.  I love supporting small British businesses to so this is the icing I the cake.  *Bonus- Black Friday sale now on* You can also get £100 off a Dassi bike. Not bad, eh?

9. TomTom Bandit Action Camera. Move over GoPro. Here is a new style of action cam that will let you document you outdoor adventures.  It has built in action sensors, instant playback, and you can edit your movies on a mobile device.

10. Sweaty Betty Transition Merino top- SB never fails to disappoint me with their annual skiwear line. What can I say? I have a thing for graphical snowflakes.  You can get £20 off your next SB purchase by using my referral link. It is no cost to you and I get a small reward for each friend I refer. Once redeemed, you can start referring friends too. This the season for sharing.

11.  Happy necklace from Swarovski- I saw this on a team member at Psycle and knew I had to have it.  Help others around you change their mindset with this subtle (and sparkley) prompt.  It matches very outfit.

12.  Tory Burch Fitbit bracelet- Never feel embarrassed or discouraged from wearing your Fitbit with these gorgeous luxe bracelets from Tory Burch. I prefer silver and pink, how about you?

Bonus Stocking stuffers-

Svelte Geo Green arm warmers- I am loving geometric prints this days!

Bluetooth Remote Control by CamKix - to take awesome selfies while out running.

NikWax Base Wash and Wool Wash- to keep all your new kit in prime condition.

What is on your Christmas list this year?  Will it bring you health and happiness?

Thanks to Gym Tote for graciously giving me the bag to test. All opinions are honest and my own.  This is not a sponsored post but simply a list of items I think would make great Christmas gifts.  Any links to Amazon are affiliate links, from which I receive a small fee at no cost to the buyer.


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