Product Review: Next phase of fitness tracker- Mio Fuse

Monday, October 12, 2015

Nearly everyone I know has a fitness tracker (even my parents). They come in all shapes and sizes, each with its own monitoring capabilities. Pedometers were probably one of the earliest trackers, and the models offered today can do so much more. Not only do they count steps, but they will calculate calories burned, how well you slept, and the distance you have traveled. One feature that many lack is the ability to accurately monitor your heart rate. If they do make that claim, usually design has been deemed more important causing the technology to suffer.  When Liz Dickinson, founder of Mio Global, set out designing the Mio Fuse, her number one priority was to create the most accurate heart rate monitor that didn't require a chest strap to track an athlete’s fitness and recovery as well as their performance. Mio Global sets out to empower athletes through innovation and be compatible with many apps and training devices.

Digital display is easy to read

The Mio Fuse comes in black with crimson or aqua accents and is made of durable silicone which means even the most sensitive skin will not react  the constant contact.  The band fits a variety of sizes as there are holes all the way along the strap.  From far away, it looks like a chunky black bracelet as the display only turns on when the band is in a horizontal position and you press a button to scroll through the available information.  The data is shown with LED red block letters/numbers and rotates between time, goal, steps, calories, and distance. When you decide to activate workout mode, a little vibration tells you it is looking for your heart rate on the dorsal side of your wrist.  The workout function is fantastic at monitoring your activities if you were going to a fitness session but not moving your arms (such as cycling or even walking with a pram). Once you start your workout, your varying heart rate will demonstrate how hard you worked and be recorded on your app.

The green light is what scans for your pulse on the
dorsal side of your wrist.
Two of my favourite things of the Mio Fuse is the battery life and the fact it is waterproof up to 30 meters.  I only need to charge my Fuse once a month but Mio reports the battery will last a week with workout mode used for an hour each day.  I have had other activity trackers which you could wear in the shower or to do dishes but none that I can wear when I am doing laps at the local pool.  

The Mio Fuse has a handy app to log your workouts and monitor your daily progress to your goal (which is default set to 10,000 steps a day).  It is compatible with many phones, tablets, GPS watches, and bike computers which allows you to stay in touch socially with your active friends and keep your training records in one place.

Since I received my Mio Fuse, I have worn it every day, even bed sometimes.  It is a lot of fun too as everyone wanted to learn what their resting rate was.  Heart rate training is an efficient way to train smarter and will help you make great gains in a shorter period of time. The Mio Fuse is also more comfortable as there is no need for a chest strap, which can sometimes be cumbersome if you are also wearing a sports bra.  Chest strap-free is definitely the way to go as you continue to work towards your next race.

Mio Fuse with the charger. Simply connect via USB cord.
Mio Global graciously gave me a Fuse to try for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.

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