3 R words every runner should know

Monday, October 19, 2015

If you are new to running, or a seasoned veteran, there are a few new words that might not be in your vocabulary yet. As you meet more and more runners, and don your trainers in different post codes, you will pick up on the local verbiage.  The words I am about to share are so awesome, you need it to start using them right away.

RUNch- using your lunch break as a time to go running.  Usually enjoyed best with friends or co-workers. That way everyone is sharing common goals in the office and you will all return to work after lunch with wet hair.  You will outside meet people from outside your department which might be useful in the future if you have to push something through with a tight deadline.  Plus 'El deskco' will be the norm, so people won't mind that spot of dressing in your shirt.  It is a great way to reset your day and energize your brain for the afternoon too.

RUNcation- a vacation to another location with the primary purpose of taking part in a running event. This has to be one of my favourite activities of the year.  Many friends recommend the Geneva Harmony marathon, which  travels along the roads and lakefront in Geneva, Switzerland yet can be run by a relay team.  I hope to recruit people to the challenge next year.  Other options include a 2 person half marathon Relay (a 4th R word!) at Rock’N’Roll Marathon San Diego, USA or River Run 100km relay in Brisbane, Australia.

John Lennon wall in Prague

This year, I traveled to Edinburgh for a half marathon and a weekend of whiskey tasting.  Of course, we cannot forget my first marathon in Prague! 

Hang out with friends and relax!
Recovery- to let your body rest and heal after vigorous or intense training.  This word you should already know but not many people observe.  At least 1 day per week you should relax and not train.  Your muscles work very hard during each fitness session throughout the week.  Allowing them time off will help your physical performance improve more rapidly.  Recovery also includes eating well and keep hydrated to keep body in good shape. And don’t forget the importance of a good night’s sleep.  Be sure to schedule that in too. Others ways to facilitate recovery include compression clothes, heat or ice packs, and/or massage therapy.  

Those are the 3 R words I think you should add to your vocabulary as a fitness enthusiast and runner.  What other words would you add?


  1. When did you do the Prague marathon? I did in 2014. Love Prague. Will be running the Venice marathon this Sunday!

    1. Hi Mirka, I did it this year (2015). It was my first marathon. What a gorgeous city to run in! Best of luck in Venice. Should be perfect running weather. x


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