Rugby World Cup- are you ready?

Friday, September 18, 2015

One of the many perks of living in London is the world class sporting events.  I would rather play any sport than watch it, but you can't beat having the Olympics, Wimbledon tennis, Diamond League, European Hockey Championships, cycling- all on your doorstep. Tonight, the Rugby World Cup kicks off at 8pm with England playing Fiji.  My diary now includes every game as my husband has added them all to his.  With the home field advantage, he is hopeful England will advance to the finals. 

Team USA's schedule, courtesy of the Metro
I am more interested in the USA team, of course. Our first game is on Sunday against Samoa. We also have South Africa, Japan, and Scotland in our group.   Originally, I wasn't able to attend any games as I was going to be out of town for the Ireland vs Romania match we have tickets to. But luck was on my side this week and I have secured a ticket to the USA v South Africa match at the Olympic Stadium on 7th October, conveniently 2 miles from my home.  Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for photos of me at the game.

While watching USA try their darn-hardest to win (tough group, boys) I will be sporting my new USA jersey from Kitbag. I thought I was getting a t-shirt but this is a replica jersey that fits me perfectly (in a men's small).  I can't wait to keep an eye on Team USA throughout the tournament.  James is cheering for England so we shall see who gets further.

Who are you cheering for?  Did you manage to get tickets to any of the games?

UPDATE: Here I am in my shirt that matched the team's uniform.  Please excuse my wet hair (I just came back from a long run). Thanks KitBag for my awesome jersey!

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