My first fitness retreat- it's prep time!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Not long until I head to the Canary Islands (Fuerteventura) to visit Azul Fit for a few days of yoga retreat.  This is my first ever fitness retreat and I am so excited!  Holidays seem to be the only time that I actually have to exeercise these days.  At Azul Fit, guests usually stay Saturday to Saturday, but I was unable to get additional time off from work.  The weekend was originally booked for the Berlin Marathon, but I never started training after we moved to East London.  Although I just had a week off while my mom visited, we spent a lot of time exploring London and the Cotswalds so it wasn't really super chill.  I was able to run a few times, which was great, and got tons of walking in.  Hey, there was even sunshine!  But let me tell you why I am pumped about my trip to Spain:

1.  The ocean- I am an Aquarius, a water-loving girl. I miss the salty sea air and sand between my toes.
2.  Pilates, yoga and meditation classes- Everyday. So much to do (or not do, as it is up to guests).
3.  Homemade vegetarian meals- Often times when traveling, eating out is far from healthy- too much temptation, too much fried food, too much wine.  The provided food will keep me on the straight and narrow.
4.  Diet Coke and processed sugar detox- I am sure I will be a bit miserable the first day or so but I will have no choice but to go cold turkey!
5.  Massage and optional beauty treatments- One 1 hour massage is included but guests can book extra experiences, such as facials, wraps scrubs, manicures, waxing, reiki, reflexology, chakra balancing, etc. I have enquired about horseback riding, as I have wanted to do this for ages but haven't gotten around to it yet (I took lessons when I was 10 years old or so but quit when they started making me canter).
6.  Hanging out with Sabine- She is the one who told me about Azul Fit and I enjoyed being her team member for Spitfire Scramble. I look forward to getting to know her a bit better.

There is a pile in the corner of my room of some essentials I don't want to forget (please let me know if I have forgotten anything that would be handy).  Usually I overpack for trips, but for this once, I just need a bathing suit and workout gear. Score!  Here is what is in my pile:

 Back of the case
  • My iPad in Active Urban Caterpillar case- This case matches my brand color scheme (score!) and protects your iPad from drops of 1.5m.  I know I can chuck it in my carry on and not have to worry about my iPad breaking.  I did need to buy a clear screen shield to prevent scratches but the case itself seems tough.  Unfortunately, I am too chicken to drop my iPad to test the product claims.  I have been using it for a few months now and haven't had any problems.  It will be great to read on the plane, work on some blog posts, as well as take amazing photos of the landscape.
  • Utalk app and Spanish phrase book- Even though I took four semesters of Spanish at uni, I am not that great at it (I have never has an aptitude for languages). The Utalk app is on my iPad so I can study while commuting (see above photo for picture of the screen).  It has native speakers saying phrases, along with images to help you remember.  There are games too which make the learning a bit more fun.  Utalk offers training in over 128 languages (from any of those 128 languages), so there is no excuse not to brush up on the local language before you travel.
  • Energy Bits and Workplay Bags Fleet Foot II bum bag- I have talked about both of these plenty.  Energy Bits are a handy natural snack to keep me going during my runs, and my bum bag will hold my phone for when I get lost.  Use code PTMOLLIE of 25% off your Energy Bits order.
  • Green People Sun Lotion SPF30 - Skin cancer runs in my family, so I want to make sure I cover up with something that won't irritate my skin.
  • Keen Womens Clearwater Sandals - These aren't very fashionable, but they are super functional for active beach holidays. The design protects your toes, are waterproof, and have a solid sole for multi-terrain walking.
  • Sass Intimate Recovery Serum- As I will be wearing a bathing suit, I am going to get a bikini wax as a treat.  Now, a few months ago I tried out out a sample off Sass that I received from an event's goody bag. Seemed a bit silly as any lotion I have ever seen said 'for external use only' and 'avoid sensitive areas'. Plus with my skin allergy, it was a big risk to try anything in an area that would constantly be aggravated by clothes.  A few months ago, I was out running a few days after some 'ladyscaping'
    and noticing some irritation was skin would normally be, err, protected. Upon closer inspection, the skin appeared to be dry and flaking. Not sure if this was from the wax procedure itself (Wax too hot?  Was I too hairy?) or from my run but it wasn't becoming and was  a wee bit uncomfortable. Luckily I had the Sass and lightly applied it in small area as a test patch. The next day, the test patch looked perfectly normal so I did another application on the rest (Note, nothing internal or in places I could not easily see).  It seemed to ease the irritation within 24 hours.  I have been using it once daily since and am really pleased with the results. 
Keep an eye on my Instagram and Twitter from 25-29 September to see me at the retreat.  I will let you know all about my time on the island in a later post.

Thank you to Cat Phones, Utalk and Sass for providing me with their products gratis.  All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. This sounds great. One of my goals for next year is a retreat of some kind so I look forward to hearing what you thought of Azul. Have a fantastic time!

    1. I have only heard good things about Azul Fit. They have been so helpful over email as I am figuring out last minute details. There will be a review up when I get back. Follow me on social media for updates and photos while I am there.

  2. Enjoy your trip! Can't wait to hear all about it x

  3. Have an amazing time Mollie! I'm so jealous of you going on a yoga retreat, it is something that I would LOVE to do (but I need to save up some ££££s first!)

    We're flying to Sharm el Sheikh on Tuesday and I wanted to take my laptop to do some yoga videos while we're there but everyone has told me that wifi is unpredictable so I might have to shelve that plan. I'm super-excited about swimming and snorkeling around the coral reefs though :)

    Re: waxing. I bought some Lycon Anti-Bump Gel that you can use in the shower. It's really gentle and exfoliates the skin to prevent ingrown hairs, I'm sure it would help with dry skin too. I bought it from the salon (Strip in Soho) but you can probably get it online too.

    1. Hi Christine, let's do a retreat next year! A fellow blogger was with me so we did a mini photoshoot. Would have loved to do videos too but I also wanted to relax.

      Thanks for the tip about the anti-bump gel. I will have a look for it.


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