#WinItWednesday: Vegetarian Omega-3 capsules

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Many people take vitamins and supplements as part of their daily routine. As the saying goes, if you have a balanced diet, this isn't necessary. Many factors will play a part in what your body needs, such as if you consume animal products, how much exercise you do per day, and your own body's metabolic processes. Before I started eating meat, I used to routinely take fish oil and flax seed oil, along with a daily vitamin, to help ease my joints from Achilles tendinitis. This isn't for everyone and a decision should be made with your doctor on what supplements you should take, if any.

Omega-3 is a key component of your body's health and play a large part specifically in heart health, helping maintain ideal cholesterol levels,  low blood pressure, and reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease.  Check out this cool slideshow from Web MD about how Omega-3s are good for you.  Aside from oily fish, Omega-3 can also be found in flax seed and canola oils.

Many of my fit friends are taking Omega-3 supplements. Even my hair dresser is too as a way to help improve her eczema (which looks very similar to my hand allergies).  I used to routinely take flax seed and fish oil for my Achilles tendinitis (and am about to start again as all this urban running is starting to take its toll).

Back in April, I was invited to learn more about Omega supplements that were plant-based instead of sourced from fish.  As an environmental champion, I was happy to learn that there was now an alternative way of producing omega supplements without over-fishing the seas. Plus, vegetarians now have a suitable option to take. Dr. Hillary Jones (NHS general practitioner, breakfast television doctor, and patron of British Heart Foundation) suggests these capsules can help vegetarians meet the government recommendation of two oily fish portions per week by preventing diet deficiencies.  Everyone win!

Today's giveaway is 2 bottles of vegetarian Omega-3 supplements for you to try at home. Please note you should check with your doctor before trying any supplements to see if it is right for you.

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