I love my body

Friday, August 21, 2015

My new friend, Sophie over at Fitology, is starting a two week #weloveourbodies campaign.  When I first read her post, I could instantly list the things I didn't like about my body- my apple-shaped tummy, my un-toned arms, my fine hair.  There are bits of me I do like (my delicate wrists, my ankles, my perky boobs) but somehow the parts I am not happy with are always screaming for my attention.

I felt amazing on my wedding day
after several months of lifting
and clean eating.
In the spring, while marathon training and eating clean, I got down to a weight I hadn't seen since high school.  I felt strong and fit (a little stiff from all the running too) and happy.  Fast-forward four months- I am 10 pound heavier, only have time to run 5Ks, and haven't got into the rhythm of home cooking since we moved to East London.  And this makes me unhappy which perpetuates a downward spiral.

The bits I like on me are the same (except the boobs are bigger-score!).  So why can't I be happy?

Slowly, I have started attending fitness classes again. Tonight I went to GymBox at Westfield Stratford and my class was packed.  I had to stand in the back of the room and look at 20 women exercising.  Their bodies were all different shapes, sizes, and abilities.  You certainly cannot judge a book by its cover as some people in the class where more flexible, some had better rhythm to the music, and others never took a break.

Just ignore my flabby arms and
check out my smile. Great family
dinner out with in-laws!
It suddenly dawned on me that their body shapes didn't matter.  What mattered is that they were taking care of their health.

With this epiphany came my realization that if I do indeed love my body, I needed to make my health, not just my appearance, a priority. Forget about toned abs and getting hair extensions.  I need to keep my mental well-being and cardiovascular system in top form.  To do this, I need to:
  • Get more sleep
  • Eat more nutritious foods
  • Exercise a few times a week
As a big proponent of SMART goals, these definitely need some work.  However, I know if I aim to do these things, my appearance will improve.  I will radiate health and happiness. And isn't that all what we are after?

At the end of September, I have a trip booked to a yoga and pilates retreat in the Canary Islands for some much needed R&R.   With that as my deadline, I intend to start lifting a few days a week as Fitness First offered gave me a one month membership (talk about perfect timing!) to help me feel stronger, a bit healthier, and to relieve some stress.  My husband is away with work, so I can cook what I want, when I want and not be bothered about eating meat and avoiding grains. On of my biggest faults is putting pressure on myself to do too much so I am going to lay off running for a little while and focus on the gym.  Finally, I have been using Thinking Slimmer's Chillpod to help me avoid emotional eating (which is something I am very good at).

How do you know you love your body? Which bits are your favorite?


  1. This is such a great idea. I'm with you -- there's so much external pressure but I also put a lot of internal pressure on myself and do a lot of negative self-talk if I'm not eating as healthily/working out/sleeping etc as much as I should. Plus I'm going through a particularly un-fit phase compared to what I was a few months ago, so I need to remind myself to be kind to myself and celebrate the bits I love.

    BTW I think you have GREAT hair!! :)

    1. Hi Lesli, what are you currently loving about your body? It is hard to keep up a full training timetable all year long, so enjoy your rest while you can. x

  2. couldn't agree more Mollie! and when you get to my age, everything goes saggy as well :D.. but I am happy with my body, and I need to give it the respect it deserves. You can't put inferior fuel and tyres onto an F1 racing car and expect it to perform well, and the same applies to our bodies, you need to fuel it well, and take care of it.

    1. ha, thanks Alma. I love your analogy about the race cars. It is so true! I will have to remember that. x


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