7 best exercises to lose weight fast

Monday, August 24, 2015

There are no quick-fixes when it comes to losing weight fast - and keeping it off. As well as eating a healthy, balanced diet, you will need to make exercise part of your life. But if you're keen to see results in a matter of days, there are some exercises that you should give priority. Performing these exercises regularly and at a rigorous pace will usually enable you to drop excess pounds quickly.

1. Swimming
Swimming is a low-impact activity that is very easy on the joints. Certain swimming strokes also work muscles groups that seldom get used during gym workouts or running sessions. Swimming at a fast pace can burn up to 650 calories per hour, which makes it one of the most effective types of exercise around. Try to swim to the limit of your physical ability for ten minutes at a time, and work up from there.

2. Cycling
Cycling is one of the most easily accessible and effective forms of exercise you can integrate into your daily life. Get on your bike instead of in your car, and you'll be burning calories while going about your daily business. A lot of people have achieved fast and permanent weight loss through cycling, as it can be integrated into daily routines with ease. Rigorous cycling can burn more than 500 calories per hour, which should greatly accelerate any weight loss programme.

3. Running
Running often strikes fear into people with weight problems, but if it is approached in the right way, it can be used to lose weight fast. According to your current fitness levels, you should gradually increase the distances you cover and the speed at which you run. This form of aerobic activity boosts your metabolic rate, increases muscle mass and burns fat at a rate of more than 430 calories per hour.
In order to gradually work on your aerobic fitness, the Fitbug exercise tracker can be used to monitor your progress and drive you on to better your best times and distances. The tracker records every step you take, and provides you with detailed statistics and advice via a mobile app. This provides both the motivation and information you need to use running as an effective way to lose weight quickly.

4. Weight training
The benefits of weight training are numerous. An effective session of resistance training increases the body's metabolic rate for several hours after exercise has ended. As well as the initial calories burned, weight training also increases muscle mass, which improves the effectiveness of aerobic activity such as cycling. Although you'll burn up to 350 calories per hour by weight training, you can burn even more as a result of increasing your muscle density.

5. Aerobic exercises
Aerobics has been one of the many fitness classes offered by gyms up and down the country over the years. More recently, different takes on aerobic exercise - such as Zumba - have been introduced in order to make things more fun. A rigorous session of aerobic exercise can burn up to 400 calories per hour.

6. Walking
A lot of people believe that fast weight loss requires lengthy periods of intense activity, but this is simply not the case. Walking is a highly effective way of getting the exercise you need to lose weight fast, and it is something that can be done as part of your everyday activities. For instance, instead of using your car every time you need to get somewhere, think to yourself: 'Can I walk?'
Whether you're fell walking, hiking in the mountains or simply getting off your bus a few stops early, walking at a quickened pace can burn more than 150 calories per hour.

7. Dancing
Who says that exercise and losing weight can't be fun? Whether you join a dancing class or like to trip the light fantastic at a club, dancing is a great way to get aerobic exercise. Some high-energy dancing can burn up to 254 calories per hour.

If you need to lose weight fast, the facts are simple: Burn significantly more calories than you consume, and success is guaranteed.

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