Research* says Brits are twice as likely to exercise than go to pub

Friday, June 19, 2015

On the first of every month, I remind my Twitter followers to do a breast self-exam.  In the USA, every time you go to your gynecologist, they do a breast exam for you while here in the UK, I have yet to experience this.  Of course, it is important to check your own boobs too (Not sure what to do? Click here).  On all the other days of the month, I tweet info and tips on how to stay healthy and happy.  It seems only fitting then that I am taking part in the Breast Cancer Care Pink Ribbon Walk on 4th July in London.

There are 5, 10 and 20 mile distances and London is an evening event.  One of my favorite things to do in London is run along the Thames at night as the buildings twinkle in the darkness.  There is a certain calmness too as all the hustle and bustle has gone away, leaving you with the simple joy of this great city.

As I am marathon training, I think I will use the 10 mile route as a training session.  I have no idea how crowded it will be or how long it will take me, but I am sure the sightseeing will be fantastic.  Plus, it is a very worthy cause!

More details of the 10 mile route:

The 10 mile route has the same start and finish as the 5 mile, except where the 5 mile walkers head over Millennium Bridge, the 10 mile walkers remain on the south side of the Thames passing HMS Belfast and City Hall. We’ll cross the river at Tower Bridge and take a tour of the historic and contemporary highlights of the City of London – from the Tower of London, to The Gherkin, and on to the majestic St Paul’s Cathedral. We merge briefly with the 5 mile walkers along the Embankment before breaking away to make our way to Buckingham Palace via Nelson’s Column and The Mall. At Buckingham Palace we merge with the 20 mile walkers and take in Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament before crossing Westminster Bridge and returning to our event village by the Imperial War Museum.

With walking being the most popular forms of exercise in the UK, won't you join me on 4th July in London. If 10 miles doesn't sound right, sign up for the 5 or 20 miles.  Gran your mates and register today so you don't miss out!  Hope to see you there.  Don’t forget to tweet me @PTMollie and @BCCare and use the hashtag #Ribbonwalk to join in with the online conversation.

*The research, which was conducted by ICM Unlimited to mark the launch of Breast Cancer Care’s London at Night Pink Ribbonwalk, surveyed 2,005 British adults and found that two-thirds (65%) of Brits are now exercising on a weekly basis, compared to just a third (34%) who head to the pub.

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