Head-to-toe packing list for your next race

Friday, May 1, 2015

Life is a little crazy for all of us at times (especially during race season), so I thought I would share with you a handy checklist to help you pack for your next race.  'x2' is meant to help you remember to bring a spare outfit to change into after the race.  Personally, I get the chills when standing around in sweaty clothes.

As the Girl Scouts say, 'Be prepared', which means the list includes items for many different scenarios. This does not mean you need to have everything on the list or that I am recommending you use each thing.  Please use common sense when packing and running.

If you think I have forgotten anything, please let me know.

Hair tie
Contact lenses
Ear buds
Neck gator
Medical necklace if necessary

Running shirt x2
Light jacket/old sweatshirt to throw away/bin bag
Sports bra x2
Heart rate monitor
Race bib (with back filled out)
Safety pins/Triathlon belt
Bum bag/Zippered pocket

Arms:                                                                                         Hips and legs:
Arm sleeves                                                                                Shorts/Long pants x2
Watch/Activity monitor                                                              Underwear x2
Gloves                                                                                         Compression socks/calf sleeves
ID bracelet                                                                                    

Feet:                                                                                           Fuel:
Running socks x2                                                                       Water bottle/Sport drinks
Running shoes                                                                            Gels/Snacks/Haribos
Timed chip                                                                                  Pre-race fuel
Flip flops for post race                                                                Post-race fuel

First Aid:                                                                                   Other:
Athletic tape and scissors                                                           Bin bags for wet clothes
Inhaler                                                                                         Portable phone charger
Diabetes medication                                                                   Something to keep jewelry in
Anti-histamines                                                                          Race information magazine
Anti-diarrhea                                                                              Keys
Anti-inflammatory/pain medicine                                              Tagged bag to check
Plasters                                                                                       Small amount of cash for emergencies
Body Glide/Vaseline                                                                  Public transport pass
Baby wipes                                                                                 Camera with charged battery
Anti-bacterial hand gel                                                               Phone with charged battery
Toilet paper                                                                                 MP3 player with charged battery

Don't forget to arrange a meeting spot before the race as sometimes mobile networks are clogged and it will be hard to get in touch with friends and family.

Best of luck!

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