Marathon training update: 2 weeks until my marathon!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring time means runny nose and
coughing when I run. Ugh.
Why hello there!  I must apologize for my recent absence on the blog.  It is really disappointing, as I felt I started off 2015 strong with several posts each week.  However, as my marathon training has ramped up, my time at the keyboard as decreased.  It is part of my charm that I over commit myself and take on too much, and these last few months have been no exception.

Pattie helped me start strong on my 20 miler.
Pretty horses in London along my local route.
This is  my first time training for a marathon, and although I knew training would take up a lot of time, I don't think I really knew.  I give so much credit to each and every person out there who has run multiple marathons (or longer races).  Sure, I am married and have a dog (both of which take up a lot of time) but I can't imagine adding in children and a long commute on top of it.  Without my husband's support, there is no way my training would be on track.  I have only missed 4 or 5 of my training runs to date after starting back in December (25 weeks total to avoid PF and Achilles tendiniitis flare ups) and I am really proud of myself.  I often start new projects and not finish them, but I feel I am right on track with this race.  My last few long runs have involved lots of stops due to pain in my right hip and poor fueling strategy (hoping to perfect it this week- any suggestions?).  Initially, my goal was to finish in 5.5 hours (as it takes me about 2 hours for a half).  I am happy to say that training properly means my pace is now 9-10 min/mile.  Therefore, I have adjusted my goal and now hope to finish in 4.5 hours.  It will be a PB either way :)

Had to get some miles in while in Dublin. (And I swear
I own more than 1 running shirt)
Please feel free to support my first attempt at a marathon by making a monetary donation to support Quentin.  He is an 8 year old child with Downs Syndrome living in a Chinese orphanage.  We are at 37% of our goal for him.  With 100%, he will be able to find a forever home a bit faster. Any amount you can give will help him.

Niggles mean more stretching and foam rolling.
Nearly there!
On top of marathon training, I am continuing to write for H2 Life Blog and Bospasa (please check out these awesome sites).  My husband and I have bought a flat and are moving to Forest Gate in East London (train with me by booking a session through PTFindr).  We had a little trip to Dublin, Belturbet, and Dundalk, Ireland last week.  Finally, my day job has been super busy too with a few important deadlines.  Spring has now arrived though and things are looking fab in all the glorious sunshine.

Yes, lots going on and my marathon training is helping relieve some of the stress.  My long runs are more relaxing now that I am listening to Harry Potter audio books and no EDM.  Sports massages are becoming more routine to help with the niggles and if I have time, I add on a back massage too.  I wouldn't say I love running after all this, but never in my life would I have ever referred to a 5 mile run as 'short' until now.

Don't you worry as I will be back in full force once my race is over in just 14 short days.  I have an entire day in Prague set aside to develop useful content for you. (as I cannot do too much walking the day before the race).  Leave a comment below if there is anything you'd like to know more about and I will see what I can do.

Have a wonderful week!

Family photo after Easter pub lunch. Couldn't do it without them!

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