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Monday, April 6, 2015

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This last year I have learned how much food, especially home-cooked food, can play an important role in your health.  For my regular visitors, this might sound a bit repetitive, but I really do feel differently when I am cooking all of my meals without sugar, grains, or alcohol (check out Whole30 posts to read about my experiences or visit  And by different, I mean better.

For some people, the first step to being healthy will be to start cooking at home rather than eating out and relying on takeaways.  Joe Blogs was kind enough to invite me along to a a Healthy Cooking evening hosted by Liverpool Victoria.  They try to share good news on their Love Life page (they even have a post about our evening of healthy cooking). We were treated to a few Asian dishes by Chef Stu at Ann's Smart School of Cookery near Tower Bridge.

Chef Stu with his pastry knife
Here are a few tips and tricks Chef Stu shared with us to get you started on cooking.  (Come on, use the kitchen for more than storage).
  • Rapeseed oil is best for cooking.  (Use olive oil for post-cooking flavoring.  Heating it up makes it carcinogenic)
  • To avoid crying when chopping onions, breath through your mouth, not nose.
  • An easy way to cook rice is in the oven! Place rice in a pan, sprinkle with rapeseed oil,  salt, and boiling water. Cover with a catoush and cook for 20 minutes.
  • For newbie chefs, the best things to have on hand are chilis and fresh herbs.
  • Freeze those chilis because it makes them easy to grate to use in recipes.  
  • Ginger is another great thing to keep in the freezer for grating.
  • Sea salt is better to cook with than rock salt because rock salt doesn't dissolve at the right temperature.
  • Add rapeseed oil to your food rather
     than the pan when cooking.

  • Best knife to have in your drawer is a Victorinox 10 inch pastry knife (see affiliate link at bottom of page to order yours today).
  • Heat your pan first, then add the rapeseed oil to the food you are cooking rather than the pan to prevent the food from 'boiling' in the oil.
Chef Stu treated us to lime and curry cured courgette at the beginning of the evening.  It was refreshingly light and tasty- perfect for a springtime BBQ.  

Lucky you- here is the recipe to try it yourself!

Lime and curry cured courgette

Lime and chili cured courgette

Ribbon courgette with a veg peeler and marinade for 3 mins in:-
Juice of 3 limes
1 tsp chopped chilli
1 tsp grated ginger-optional
1 tsp pasted garlic


What other healthy cooking tips do you have to share?  Comment below with your favorites.

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  1. Home cooked food seems like the very foundation of a healthy diet and the right eating habit. Thanks for the post.


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