TOGORUN and London Air Ambulance- Saving lives, but need your help too

Monday, March 30, 2015

Last Tuesday night, I was invited to a fundraiser for London Air Ambulance. Hosted by TOGORUN, I enjoyed wild caught salmon and Alaskan king crab while learning about all the amazing services London Air Ambulance offers:
  • Average response time is 6 minutes
  • Provide donor blood at the accident scene
  • Deliver emergency anesthesia
  • Perform open heart surgery to restart the heart (important in stab wound victims)
  • Offer a lifesaving procedure, called reboa, which places a balloon structure into bottom end of aorta to prevent bleeding out (important for people crushed by lorries or who have fallen from heights). London Air Ambulance is the only place in the world to do this!
I lived in Alaska summer of 2007
and this dish took me back to Seward.
The most shocking news I learned this evening is that there is only 1 helicopter available. When you consider how much traffic there is in London, and how much it queues after an accident, it seems impractical to not have some redundancy in place. The air ambulance fleet does have cars available, however, as the helicopters do not fly at night. But recently, the helicopter was in repair for a few weeks which meant less people could be helped.

Pretty ice sculpture that
was also an ice luge.
As a London cyclist, I am grateful London Air Ambulance exists and (touch wood) I hope I never have to rely on their services. With an average of 10 million people in London daily, it only makes sense that a second helicopter is added to their fleet. In the 25 years of service, over 32,000 patients have been treated by London Air Ambulance. Would you want to be the accident victim that couldn't be helped because the helicopter was in the shop or helping someone else?

TOGORUN is named after
husky who helped bring
medical supplies to a small
village in Alaska.
Can you imagine the impact Londoners can make if we each donated £1, £5, or £10? Multiply that by 10 million and the altruistic gesture will have an immense ripple effect on all the people London Air Ambulance will be able to treat.

Come on, get involved by:
​Thanks to TOGORUN for inviting me to the event and introducing me to the medics of London Air Ambulance. Another helicopter will cost £6,000,000 and the fund is half way there at £3,654,799. I hope we see those figures increase soon. Get involved London!

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of TogoRun.

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