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Thursday, February 12, 2015

2014 TWC Award Show
Today marks the opening of the London Bike Show, Triathlon Show, London International Dive Show, and Telegraph Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show.  If you like being sporty and/or outdoors this 4 day exhibition at Excel Centre is for you. One ticket will get you into all 4 areas so bring your wallets and love of adventure.  If you want to attend, check out Groupon for discounted tickets to the Dive Show (£6.25) (which should gain you access into the other 3 shsows as well).  

Not only has today been dubbed 'Ladies Day', but it is also the 2nd Annual Total Women's Cycling (in association with VeloVixen) Awards.  I was lucky enough to attend last year and was thrilled to see so many people (men and women were crowded into the Cycling Performance Centre ) attend. Various cycling associated brands were featured but also people and businesses who have been volunteering to get more women out on their bikes were nominated and rewarded for their efforts.  I think it is fantastic there is a larger presence in the cycling market nowadays to be able to single out vendors for their support, as well as a platform to reward women for giving their time to help others out riding on their bikes.

In the lead up to Ladies Day, VeloVixen Founder Liz Bingham said:

Phil, Liz and their VeloVixen in training
‘It’s a reflection of how women’s cycling is booming in the UK that the London Bike Show’s decided its opening day (Thursday 12th February) should be dubbed ‘Ladies Day’. They’re rolling out some of the biggest guns in women’s cycling to appear at the show, including Wiggle Honda supremo Rochelle Gilmore and mountain biking world champion Manon Carpenter.

And in the evening, our the Total Women’s Cycling Awards take place, with us as proud headline sponsors. We’re expecting an array of the leading lights in women’s cycling to be at what promises to be one of the biggest celebrations of women’s cycling of the year.’

A bit part of the growing female participation in cycling can also be attributed to the Breeze Network.  Turning 5 this year, breeze is a branch of British Cycling and Go Sky Ride that offers volunteer-led rides all of England.  This year, the program is also expanding into Wales (soon maybe the world?).  Since it started, Breeze has offered 15,000 bike rides that were attended by 75,000+ (including the Breeze Challenges events which will hopefully be renewed this year).

I became a breeze champion in 2013. As a champion, you are asked to lead 12 rides/year and advertise your rides to the local community.  Registering online is easy and as a leader you can see the register of who signed up.  Unfortunately, I have only lead 2 rides and no one attended the 2nd one. I think this was due to the time of year as I scheduled them the weekend before Christmas. A few weeks ago,when I saw the #ThisGirlCan campaign, which reminded me of my ethos to help people find health and happiness.  I knew I needed to do my part to help women feel more confident on their bikes in my local community.  Along the way, I thought I would add in some swimming and running too.

In March, I will be leading a mini-triathlon #ThisGirlCan series in Mill Hill.  We will have a pool session to help women who are not confident in the pool get used to being in a bathing suit and teach them a few basic skills.  I will also have a Breeze Ride starting off in the local park follows by a short journey out on the main roads.  Finally, a 1 hour run session to answer any questions you might have about running and to get you out the door.

Join me on Sunday 1st March in Mill Hill Park (at the cafe) at 9am for a ~1 hour cycling experience.  We will go over an easy bike check to make sure your bicycle is suitable to ride.  Then take a few laps around the park before heading out to Wise Lane then Devonshire Road to the roundabout and back again.  It will be a slight high climb on the way back (but not as bad as Bittacy Hill!).  To register for the bike session, please visit the Breeze website.

At 10:30am, I will offer a 60 min beginners running session, with some tips on motivation, form, and having fun.   To register for the run session, please email events@ptmollie.com so I an prepare a stellar session.

If you plan on attending both, please remember to bring a bike lock.  Sorry, these are women only events.  Gentlemen, if you feel left out, send me an email (mollie@ptmollie.com) and we can schedule a gentlemen's session.

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