Quickie #125 plus a challenge to keep you going all year

Sunday, February 1, 2015

February is here.  Hopefully you are keeping up with your New Year's resolutions.  If not, I have an easy way for you to stay on track with your health.  By the end of 2015, there will be 175 quickie workouts here on ptmollie.com.  The ultimate challenge is for you to complete them all by 31 December 2015.  Each only takes 10-15 minutes.  You can mix and match them to give you a workout to fill up whatever spare time you have (for example, 3 workouts = 45 minutes).  Hope you are up for the challenge!  Tweet #quickiechallenge and keep me posted on your progress.

Surely you have time for a quickie! ;) Here is a check sheet to keep track of which workouts you complete.

As usual, remember to go for QUALITY over quantity. If you are unclear what the exercise is I am describing, please look for a video or arrange for an in-person tutorial with me.  Please consult your doctor before engaging on any fitness regime.

Don't forget to breathe! Please email me if you want tips on how to make the quickies easier or more challenging (mollie@ptmollie.com).

Warm up:  1 min skipping, 1 min walking lunges, 1 min skipping
1 min:  Low pulsing squat- feel the burn!
1 min:  Push/Press ups against the wall
1 min:  Wall sit
1 min:  Push/Press ups on the ground (try on your toes first, then drop to knees if you have to)
1 min:  Leg lifts
1 min:  Supermans
1 min:  Plank
1 min:  Tricep dips
1 min:  Toe touches
1 min:  Squat thrusts
1 min:  Bicep curls with light weights or tins of soup
1 min:  Small arm circles, 30 sec each direction

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